Tips to Maximize Your Return on Investment

Sandeep Rohilla SEO Manager, Intelegain Technologies

Posted on February 14th 2013

Tips to Maximize Your Return on Investment

Have you ever wondered how SEO trends are predicted? Combining the past errors and best methods and applying them in your current business makes “trend,” which isn’t right. Business problems are unique at every stage. Neither boom period nor low period is static. Organizational situations change every now and then. Therefore, it is wrong to think of solving your present business problem with past solutions.


Maximizing business ROI becomes simple when you learn from your mistake and refrain from doing the same in current time. Here are a few ways to increase revenue using social media:

Add human element – The power of social media is massive in present time. More than half of the world population use social media in their daily life to interact and share. A brand who wants to engage more customers, a website who wants ample traffic, and a marketer who want to globalize its operation needs to have a stronger social media presence by humanizing your activities. As the name says, people use social media more like a personalized space. They like what they want, they share what they feel is good, they comment what they feel is worth doing. To reach their heart it is important for brands to organize a highly interactive social media campaign. If you post links and share videos like a brand, no one will come to your page. Don’t try to appeal users like a website or brand, be there as a person. Share links, add comments, participate in community discussions and behave naturally to engage customers with your brand.

Engage customers – User/customer engagement is important to achieve desired goals. If your social media campaign is limited to just posting links and sharing videos; change it! You need to engage users, motivate them to comment on your links, and encourage them to exchange valuable ideas and thoughts. How to engage users:

  • Comment on relevant posts and activities by users
  • Give your inputs in related discussions on Google+ and Twitter
  • Ask for feedback
  • Address individual user issues personally
  • Generate original content eg: organize poll, quiz etc.

Maintain Transparency – Customers value honesty and transparency. Maintain clarity in your tasks to get customer attention. There are problem facing social media platforms, with fake profiles, phony contact details, and other frauds. If you want to attract genuine users, don’t do this! Building trust is the initial step towards increasing your business ROI.

Be mobile friendly – Many people today use Smartphone to shop, deal, and communicate. More than 40% social media users logged into their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media profiles using mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website for mobile, Tablets, and iPad.

Produce unique content – It is clear that people value genuine social media content like links, images, videos, posts, comments, tweets etc. Content is the pillar of all your marketing efforts. Therefore, concentrate on producing high-quality genuine content across social media channels.

2013 is going to be tough for social media marketers who think posting comments and links is all that is important to earn higher revenue. Design a master social media campaign and follow it properly.


Sandeep Rohilla

SEO Manager, Intelegain Technologies

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