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Top 10 SEO Reputation Management Tools Online

reputation management tools for SEO

If you learned nothing in high school, you learned that you do have control over your reputation; your reputation is elastic and can be changed. This same lesson works for businesses looking to shape and reform an online reputation; the difference, however, is that you have web tools to help you make it happen. Before jumping into the different tools available, it’s important to understand some of the things that help give your business an online reputation—or the way that online readers perceive your business—in the first place:

  • Social Media. What you post on social media and how you post it can help shape a reputation. For example: If you’re only posting your own articles, it might seem as though you’re disinterested in learning from others or reading about your industry. This might be a stretch and completely untrue, but you can send that message. If you’re rude to someone on social media or ignore a comment back, you might also be perceived as disinterested or unable to respond.
  • Content. Whether or not your content is true, well thought-out, and relevant and detailed will matter when it comes to how you’re seen online. Your content shows what you know, so you have to make it count.
  • Web Design and Layout. If you have a sloppy layout, you probably have a sloppy company. People want someone who is organized and engaging, and your layout can say a lot about how serious you really are.
  • Employee Contact. Talking with one of your employees online counts as part of your online reputation. Make sure that your employees are not only kind, but that they’re easy to find.

In other words, it is all the basics that help shape your online reputation. These things are usually not constant, so it’s important that you’re always managing the changes you’re making online to avoid any unnecessary cleanup work.

Top 10 Reputation Management Tools

Part of managing your reputation is being able to look at data and analytics and make a conclusion. You must have a strategy in place to mange the things discussed above, and then you must have some way of gathering data to make sure you can gauge your reputation at any time. The following are some of the best tools around to help make it all happen:

1. Trackur. This tool will show you what people are seeing when they search for you in Google or any social network. It also lets you know if the people talking about you are influential in the industry or not.

Trial Time: There is a ten-day trial on any plan.

2. Naymz. The tool with give you a RepScore based on how people find your brand as well as through your social influence (measured by social sharing indicators). It will send a questionnaire to your contacts to help offer you this information.

Trial Time: The best part: The tool is free.

3. BrandsEye. This tool offers all of the basics of reputation management, but also offers competitive analysis and works great if you want several people in your office to work with the tool.

Trial Time: There is a two-week free trial available.

4. Brandwatch. This is one of the most popular tools to manage an online reputation. It works best for social media management and helps monitor certain keywords on these social sites.

Trial Time: There is a free demo available.

5. Technorati. This one is good for beginners or those who want basic results. It will track your blog posts to see who is linking back to that post, which gives you a good indication about how successful that post was with your readers. You can also subscribe to alerts for this information.

Trial Time: The tool is completely free.

6. Rankur. This is a good tool if you’re a small company, yet it still offers a lot of analytics and demographic information. It helps you see your online reviews, monitor your competitors, and is available in many different languages.

Trial Time: There is a free plan available.

7. Alterian. This is one tool that offers tons of information and data. You can discover what people think of your brand in different countries, from different demographics, in different languages, etc. In other words, it gives you everything you need to know about your online reputation.

Trial Time: No free trial; pricing starts at $500/month

8. SocialMention. The greatest thing about this tool is the fact that it can send you alerts for all of your keywords. It also analyzes when your brand is mentioned and just how important those mentions actually are.

Trial Time: Free tool.

9. Whos Talking. This tool works very similar to SocialMention because it can alert you when your keywords and your brand are mentioned. You can see mentions on almost all social media accounts as well as videos and images; however you can only look at one “type” of mention at a time.

Trial Time: Free tool.

10. Google Alerts. This is probably the most basic form of reputation management, but it’s also the easiest. You simply add in the term you want to track (most likely your company name), and you will get emails telling you when and where that word was mentioned. It doesn’t do any type of analysis for you, but it gives you the facts.

Trial Time: Free service.

In the end, the tool you choose is all about what you feel you need the most help monitoring, and for some that isn’t every aspect of reputation. If you think you do a great job with content, but really need help with social media, find a tool that focuses specifically on that aspect and run with it.

Do you know of any reputation management tools that have worked for you in the past?

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  • Mar 21 Posted 2 years ago amitmax

    This is a old list of ORM tools. I would like to highlight the ones that are still most effective.

    Here is a list of ORM tools that starts with one of the best and free ORM tool:

    Google alerts
    Social Mention

    Regular research, analysis and modifications are also require while you use any ORM tool.

    It's also important to perform an extensive research for terms that are related to your brand/name before start using any ORM tool for monitoring or tracking the results.

    For any further queries related to reputation management, feel free to discuss with me. I will be glad to assist.

  • Aine Doris's picture
    Jun 3 Posted 3 years ago Aine Doris

    Would be interested to know if anyone else had a similar experience.

  • Aine Doris's picture
    Jun 3 Posted 3 years ago Aine Doris

    I wanted to check out Naymz & signed up with them. They sent 250 DMs to contacts of mine on Twitter with a link to their site. Investigating further, I had a look at their Twitter account - nothing but complaints and requests to de-activate the account. Zero activity since mid April their side. I think they are awful.Very suprised that you would recommend them...

  • May 24 Posted 4 years ago william Stevens

    Hi Amanda, a good site for small business owners is is the first free online tool that helps business owner prevent repair and manage their online reviews Reviewbalance sets up systems adding any type of business in harvesting positive reviews from their customers through both online and offline methods. In a nut shell we help a business’s happy customers find their online review sites

    We make it easy for happy customers to share with the world and unhappy customers to share feedback directly and privately to the owner.

  • EssaysExperts's picture
    May 23 Posted 4 years ago EssaysExperts

    This is a great list...

  • May 20 Posted 4 years ago DavidFNC

    Good List Amanda. You should also consider Chatmeter. Its a great reputation maangement tool for any business that should be listed on Google Places.The tool is designed to gather reputation and social and let you see the results increasing them has on your local and organic SEO.

  • Carla Gontier's picture
    Mar 18 Posted 4 years ago Carla Gontier

    Hi Amanda. Thanks for the list. I see you have left out Radian 6 and Sysomos - any reason? Also, I have used Alterian, and apart from being REALLY tedious to set up, it pulls in a lot of spam and takes an age to pull data, so I have found it a little cumbersome and in need of a lot of work.

  • Best Essay Service's picture
    Feb 12 Posted 4 years ago ameliemark

    Apart from google alerts and technorati I have never heard of the others. Thank you for sharing them anyway but I just hope you could have gone into a little bit more deatils about how they function.

    Now that probably you have tried them out, can you say they are a good ROI?

  • Feb 11 Posted 4 years ago Rudyovasquez

    Great List Amanda! I'm Currently using Google Alerts to stay on top of the niches im involved with.

  • Brandwatch's picture
    Feb 11 Posted 4 years ago Brandwatch

    Thanks for including Brandwatch, Amanda - great list! :)


    (Community Manager, Brandwatch)

  • Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago chrisdbarry

    Thanks Amanda - glad is was just an oversite because it's the one I'm thinking of going with.

    Good advice to test before plunging, but pretty sure most of them are month/month payment.

    Is there any service you know of which provides the monitoring/dashboard etc and also the ability to run Facebook/Twitter competitions ?

  • Amanda DiSilvestro's picture
    Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago Amanda DiSilvestro

    Thank you for reading everyone! SproutSocial is a big player and I'm sorry I didn't include it--definitely something to keep in mind! I highly recommend trying out a few of the ones with free trials and seeing how you feel about them or if you need to go for a paid version. 

    Kent, I would recommend you just bookmark this article by clicking the star right next to your search bar. So glad you found it helpful!

  • organichat's picture
    Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago organichat

    Thanks Amanda for the overview. This is something I have shyed away from in the past but now seeing some free tools I can get my feet wet before jumping into spending some cash...

  • Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago chrisdbarry

    Hi Amanda,  what about sproutsocial? This is one of the bigger players I believe.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Amanda, I found that this article is very useful for me. Since there are 10 links, do you have how can I store this artilce and refer in future? Does social media today have this function?

  • JasonHJH's picture
    Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago JasonHJH

    I'm loving this list. Never got around to do anything more than using Google Alerts and Technorati for the past 3 months. Thank you and please keep these stuff coming :)

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