Top 10 Tweets About Yesterday’s Twitter Outage

Posted on June 21st 2012

Top 10 Tweets About Yesterday’s Twitter Outage

Twitter went down for about 80 minutes hours today (more or less, depending on where you are), reminding many people how psychologically dependent on it they’ve become. Here are the top 10 tweets (once service was restored, of course).

10. (factual) ?@RT_com  #Twitter goes down worldwide

9. (good point) @rwang0 I have to remember #twitter is a free service.. thanks for providing it.

8. (practical) @ThomasMarzano 10 Things to do when #Twitter is down

7. (same goes for electricity) @MrJacksonHumes Its weird how we always expect everything to work at all times but we don’t actually know how these things work ourselves? #Twitter

6. (I refuse to answer) @BElizabeth8602 #Twitter was down – were you more productive? Or did you whine like a little baby like I did? |

5. (white people problems) @Hilibofas #twitter being down was the worst thing to happen to me today. I couldn’t post any Justin Bieber leaders to my followers! Was so steamed!

4. (I know, right?) @AlexandraUlmer I love that people are tweeting to inform #Twitter has resolved outage

3. (ouch) @AnandWrites Gosh, that #Twitter outage was so long that I almost started talking out loud again.

2. (gotta love Borowitz) @BorowitzReport You learn a lot when #Twitter is down. For example, my wife left me four years ago.

And the number one tweet about the Twitter outage…

@treestman Worst part about #Twitter being down is you can’t tweet about it.

Got your own favorite(s)?


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