Top 3 Challenges B2B Leaders Face Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on September 30th 2013

Top 3 Challenges B2B Leaders Face Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although branding plays an integral part in every business, B2B leaders continue to face numerous challenges. The following are statistics you need to know to understand the obstacles of B2B leaders. This, in turn, will help you reflect on what you need to improve:

Obstacle #1: ROI

In a recent survey, it was reported that only 6% of B2B leaders admit to calculating ROI frequently. However, 29% of leaders say they calculate ROI “most of the time”; 23% say fifty percent of the time; 25% calculate ROI sometimes; 17% admit to never calculating ROI.

Therefore, a lack of understanding ROI affects future investments. According to survey results, 93% of B2B leaders believe that a ROI deficiency makes it challenging to support forthcoming investments; 24% of leaders say that a lack of ROI makes it difficult to select future activities.

Obstacle #2: Skills

Out of 79% of survey participants, B2B leaders said their teams’ lack of skills was obvious. In particular, their teams lack data-related skills, as well as digital marketing strategies and customer awareness.

Why are these skills lacking? B2B leaders believe this is due to little training resources, budget constraints and that there’s just not enough time in the day.

Obstacle #3: Strengths/Weaknesses of B2B Leaders

B2B leaders in a recent survey revealed these skills as their top strengths:

  • Evolving marketing plans
  • Financial management (in particular, managing budgets and spent funds)
  • Maintaining positive relationships with other departments

On the flip side, B2B listed the following as top weaknesses:

  • Managing employees on an individual basis
  • Boosting team results
  • Moving up the ladder of management positions

Now that you’ve read these statistics, consider your own experiences. How do these statistics reflect on your B2B team and your leadership skills? You’re welcome to leave me a comment.

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Louis Foong

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Posted on September 30th 2013 at 11:54PM

Calculating ROI has solely become an essential to know your figures and measure where your efforts had lead to the growth of your business. It is easy to say your strategies may have helped boosted your sales but in terms of losses you cannot exactly identify the bad apples. Thanks for sharing the infographic, Louis!

Nguyen Tung
Posted on October 1st 2013 at 1:36AM

very nice