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Top 7 Chrome Extensions for Content Managers

Top Must Have List

Fellow Social Media Today contributor Courtney Kettmann shared with the community her "Top Ten Chrome Extensions for Community Managers". Building upon that list here are 7 must have Chrome Extensions for Content Managers.

Google Chrome certainly does offer a great user experience and unparalleled syncing abilities when it comes to keeping multiple computers and mobile devices organized. By building on Chrome with apps and extensions Content Managers can add a layer relevant tools and quick access to information that helps them stay ahead of the curve. These top 7 must have Chrome extensions have proven priceless when reacting quickly and proactively to trends and market place changes.

Top 7 Chrome Extensions for Content Managers:

1. Hootsuite's Chrome App and Extension:

Many Community Managers already use Hootsuite for monitoring numerous clients’ accounts across many social media platforms. The chrome app and extension offered by Hootsuite fill two needs Content Managers have as well. The first is the dashboard app where CM's can easily manage all of their tabs and accounts upon Chrome's startup. Giving them quick access to a plethura of content and trends. The second provided by extension is a quickbar button that allows CMs to share whatever page they’re currently on to one or more sites and accounts. With added benefits and features like in page hashtag recognition for easy twitter feed monitoring and timed launches so that marketers can target the optimal engagement times.

2. After the Deadline's Chrome Extension:

After the Deadline was introduced to me by WordPress, and I couldn’t be happier. For any Content Manager After the Deadline is an essential Chrome extension for last-minute proofing of spelling, word usage, and grammar changes within text boxes and web forms. It helps take the commonly made mistakes in content before just before posting.

3. SEOmoz's Mozbar Extension:

Anyone that works with SEM/SEO knows about SEOmoz’s tools and blogs and so should Content Managers. Their Chrome extension called Mozbar is a must have extension for search engine optimization and research. Use this quickbar tool to not only examine a client’s pages for SEO and SEOmoz' rankings, but also to examine what your client's competition is doing in your ongoing competitive analysis.

4. Google Reader's App and the RSS Subscription Extension:

Staying up on the latest industry news is important, using a combination of Google Reader’s Chrome app and the RSS Subscription Extension, Content Managers can quickly save new blog’s RSS feeds to their RSS reader and have one place to find their industries latest information quickly.

5. PageSpeed Insights or YSlow:

This one depends on the preference of the Content Managers. We all know that a web page that loads quickly is essential for customer engagement, sales, and referral whether that’s through word of mouth or social networks. Both Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and YSlow offer a Google Chrome extension that will score your site and then give CMs suggestion on how to speed up a given page. Either of these are a great way to help ensure your client's customers are getting a great experience.

6. SEO SERP Workbench:

While SEOmoz’ Mozbar will show a given page’s search engine optimizations or why a page is ranking highly in search results, SEO SERP Workbench helps Content Managers track multiple pages for specific keywords and compares their rankings over time. This is great when tracking competitors and trying to stay on top of page ranking shifts.

7. Stay Focusd:

It can be easy to get lost for over an hour reading interesting Wikipedia articles; one article always leads into another more interesting article. Stay Focusd helps prevent this without limiting a Content Manager's work on the web. By setting the total allowed timer you can better control how much time you spend on distracting forms of information so that you can instead focus on more important data and interactions.

Are you a Content Manager? Do you have a favorite Chrome Extension? I’d love to see you comment it below because I’m always into trying new tools and seeing what people come up with.

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  • Jason A Howie's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Jason A Howie


    Thanks for the suggestion, I've heard of but have yet to use it. I'll give it a shot!

  • Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Manuela Matias Matos

    Hi, Jason.

    I find very helpful the ScoopIt chrome extension.

    Thank you for a very nice article!

  • Jason A Howie's picture
    Dec 3 Posted 4 years ago Jason A Howie

    Thank you for reading!

    Feel free to share your thoughts once you tried them!

  • pruneau's picture
    Dec 3 Posted 4 years ago pruneau

    Nice list Jason.

    A few new goodies in here that I'll have to check out.

    Thanks for compiling and posting. :-)

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