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Top 8 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Updates in Brazil World Cup 2014

brazil world cup 2014 twitter accounts

Finally, the wait is over! Four years is such a long time to wait for the world’s most competitive football tournament. 

Is your current Twitter feed actively delivering the latest information and news related to Brazil World Cup 2014? In order to keep you updated with what’s happening out there, we have collected some most-followed Twitter accounts for World Cup tournament. By following these accounts, you can get expert insights on the players, fans and teams and become the part of this season’s football fever. 

Jurgen Klinsmann

He is one of the most accessible World Cup coaches and the head of Men’s National Football Team (USMNT) in the US. He is the winner of World Cup 1990 and German National Team manager in 2006. His Twitter account always remains up-to-date with soccer, like several other players and coaches. 


As the nickname suggests, you may rest assured that the Twitter account of the Australian national team will be ready around the World Cup for a good time. Apart from following the squad, it is better to follow Socceroos. Ryan McGowan is like the goofy spirited and dedicated Australian team. 

American Outlaws

American Outlaws are less intimidating as it is the community of USMNT, or US Men’s National Team, and USA's diehard fans. It has an eventual goal to develop a supportive, united front of the national team. The Outlaws were launched in Lincoln when a group of 3 friends began organizing local parties. From American Outlaws, you can get a remarkable insight on the US Men’s National Team with inspiring and bizarre videos. 

FIFA World Cup

This is the official Twitter account of FIFA World Cup. Here, you can expect some dramatic and amazingly beautiful photos that can remind you the exciting moments. 

Major League Soccer

Although the USA team has been supported by the diehard American fans in the FIFA World Cup, there is no denying the fact that the soccer is much bigger in the rest of the world than in the United States. But in the Major League Soccer, the game seems to be rising in the United States with the comeback of famous names from the English Premier League. From the official Major League Soccer account on Twitter, you can see withdrawals after the World Cup. 

Clint Dempsey

After Landon Donovan, the reins are taken by Clint Dempsey as he belongs tothe most respected expert USA players which are going to step out on the ground. The US Men’s National Team faced a complex path on the collective stage. This way, Clint Dempsey is the captain of very brilliant team which is going to exchangeitself. It doesn’t has to face a strong contender in Portugal which is an individual battle off Germany, but it has also been arrived in similar squad like Ghana which took the US Men’s National Team from the contention of World Cup in 2010. By following this account, you can watch all the updates of Clint Dempsey across the World Cup 2014 tournament. 

Wayne Rooney

England is among the top eight World Cup title-holder countries. A huge part of the team's success depends upon Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney is a striker and the distance between him and title of top scorer of England is just 12 international goals. However, he has to do something that he couldn’t do in the last 2010 and 2006 FIFA World Cup tournaments. 

Mario Balotelli

If Italy successfully scores more in Group B and fulfills expectations, Mario Balotelli, the striker, will definitely come out as a biggest contributor of squad. But, in order to be proved as a national hero and the god of the pitch, he has to do something more. From the Twitter feed of Mario Balotelli, you can expect the weaving of personal moments in the world’s most renowned tournament. 

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