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Top NFL Teams on Social Media

This season's NFL scores are in – and as the 49ers and the Ravens prepare for the Superbowl, Track Social takes a look at the performance of the teams on Social Media. Track Social's NFL Zone follows team performance on social media year round, and as we go through the post season we see a large increase in the level of activity.

Pro sports teams have a built in advantage over many brands on social media - the unquestioned loyalty of their fans... especially if they are winning. That doesn't mean that winning games automatically wins on the social playing field. Here's a look at how the top 5 NFL teams on Facebook are keeping their fans engaged:

Despite their on-field performance and not making the post season, the Cowboys massive fan base comes through for them online. Aside from being the leaders in Audience size, they have seen strong Engagement and Buzz right through to the Superbowl.


Our leaderboards have seen the 49ers fans coming on strong as the Superbowl approaches - jumping from 5th to 2nd overall in the last week. With their success on the field the 49ers lead the way in both Engagement and Buzz levels despite not having the biggest fan base on social media.


The Patriots have a strong overall social media brand and rose as high as #2 overall recently, until the loss to the Ravens took the gloss of the season for them. Still though, they remain at #3 and with superior Twitter performance than any of the other Top 5.


With the taste of what could have been still on their lips after losing a tough playoff game against the 49ers, the Packers are still a strong presence on Social Media with solid metrics across the board.


Like the Cowboys, the Steelers had a so-so year on the field, barely breaking even and missing out on the playoffs... but they can rest assured their fan base still loves them looking at their consistent performance on Facebook and Twitter right through to the end of the season.


For those wondering where the Ravens are, they came in 7th, with their performance improving but not as rapidly as the 49ers' performance. The Ravens had a strong showing on Twitter especially, but not strong enough to get them into the Top 5.

For its superior social media performance Track Social is picking the 49ers for the Superbowl!

Here is the rest of the Top 10:

6. Washington Redskins
7. Baltimore Ravens
8. New Orleans Saints
9. Seattle Seahawks
10. Denver Broncos

Don't see your team in the Top 10? Find out where it landed on Track Social's NFL Team Zone!

Note: Track Social Leaderboards are live and changing constantly - the data presented in this article is as at 01/28/2013.

Track Social, the leading social media analytics platform and consultancy, offers extensive social monitoring and reporting solutions for small businesses and enterprise clients.


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  • Jan 29 Posted 4 years ago tschiff

    Really interesting data...for fun, take a look at to see the Superbowl teams' real time Twitter activity in one stop...and vote the winner.

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