The Top Restaurants In Social Media

Posted on December 19th 2012

The Top Restaurants In Social Media

Seeking to extend their real world engagement experience into the digital realm, restaurants have long been at the forefront of social media marketing. Track Social's Full Service Restaurant Zone aggregates the social performance of full service restaurants across multiple platforms into one place. In this article we take a look at which restaurants are performing best across the major social platforms.

Note that Fast Food operators are not included in this article. If you are interested in seeing how Fast Food chains compare against one another please visit our Fast Food Zone. We also maintain a Pizza Zone here.

Here are the Top Full Service Restaurants on Social Media:

Buffalo Wild Wings outperforms the competition with an amazing performance on Facebook. It's large, highly engaged Facebook audience has it standing head and shoulders above the other full service restaurants.

Solid all-round performance from Applebee's, supported by extremely active Facebook community participation. The activity levels propels them to the highest Social Presence score among our leaders.

Cheesecake Factory outperforms in social media courtesy of outstanding engagement on Facebook. They have the highest Social Engagement scores in the full service restaurant category.

Chili's has an extremely vibrant Facebook presence with as many as 12 tabs of content providing all types of information and opportunities for interaction.

Olive Garden maintains large social audiences and it generates significant buzz levels on social media.

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Morgan J. Arnold

Morgan J. Arnold

CEO, Track Social

Morgan J. Arnold is a marketing entrepreneur with a PhD in Engineering. Morgan is CEO of Track Social, the leader in Engagement Optimization.

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Posted on December 20th 2012 at 12:11AM

I could be off base here but isn't the example of the Cheesecake Facetory against Facebooks terms of use in cover images?