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Top Social Media Gaffes You Wouldn't Want to Miss

The popularity of social media sites has increased tenfold over the past few years. Being extremely easy to use and very user friendly, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are now being used by everyone. Whether young or old, professional or personal, everyone seems to have their own social media profile. As these websites are used by a diverse range of people from all over the world it means that there are always people who are active online no matter what time of the day. Popular websites now also have mobile applications, which provide access to social media sites irrespective of the time or place.

Twitter backfires

One of the funniest social media incidents was when a McDonalds promoted trend on Twitter backfired completely. McDonalds tried to endorse its brand image by engaging customers through two promoted trends on Twitter, one of them being #mcdstories. The idea completely backfired on the company when Twitter users started to post dreadful stories experienced at outlets. This trend of posting disastrous experiences with the hashtag caught on more instead of stories with enjoyable times. To sum up, McDonalds was paying for bad publicity. 

With such a large scope for staying connected perpetually, no matter what you do there is a high chance that it will be noticed by someone else, which results in one of the most loved and hated aspects of social media, that is, is its ability to make things viral instantly.

Popular social media blunders are not limited to celebrities or popular icons, even the most common of people can gain world recognition for all the wrong reasons as in the case of a boy who set a Facebook challenge. 

A young Ecuadorian boy decided to open a group and declare that if he got more a million likes he would get the 151 Pokemon tattooed onto his back. He would never have imagined that within a day 50, 000 people would have already rallied behind him. As the number increased gradually every day the young boy was quite intimidated and suppressed his profile so no one could find him. As of now the group has 600000 followers!

Facebook troubles

Buckingham Palace’s guardsman Cameron Reilly wasn’t the biggest fan of Kate Middleton. After what he perceived as an offensive act towards him by Kate Middleton he went online to voice his angry opinion of her. The Facebook post, full of profanity, was obviously not the smartest thing to do, which led him to be dismissed from the Royal Wedding parade. 


Another one of the most bizarre incidents related to social media sites was when a nun was asked to leave the convent because she used Facebook too much. Sister Maria Galan from the Toledo convent of Santo Domingo el Real, Spain was requested to leave her convent; her fellow nuns saying that her Facebook activity “made life impossible.” This all happened after she had digitalized their archives and set up their internet banking.

Final thoughts

The mass shooting incident at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado was also referred to by the American Rifleman journal and the Celeb Boutique in extremely inappropriate manners due to misconceived perceptions of what was actually going on that had caused such uproar at the place. The tweets sent out by them struck the wrong nerve in public being the cause of a lot of negative publicity.

When it comes to the online world, it’s quite easy to blunder. The problem with this being that even though mistakes may be edited or deleted, once noticed there is a large chance for widespread negative publicity. Even when it comes to creating a website of your own, it is important to make sure it is of the best quality with the best support. This makes going through several web hosting plans important for you to achieve the best quality services as this may also result in having a negative impact on you and your brand. Be careful what you say and publicize online.  

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    Oct 13 Posted 3 years ago MarketingMadEZ

    Very good article. Too many people forget that once something is posted, and a wrong post can be a shot in the foot.

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