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Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring

This morning I read Dave Chaffey's post on Online brand reputation or listening software — a review of 26 tools and found a lot of richness in the list, including the idea of segmenting the list of Social Media tools by function (see below):

Category 1 — Wide scope analytical and reporting tools for all aspects of monitoring customer opinions and campaign effectiveness

Category 2 - Blog based influence assessment tools, designed to gain access to influential customers/commentators

Category 3 - PR and media management tools for reputation management and assessing opinion forming influence

Category 4 — Social media tracking and intervention including free tools

Category 5 — Fraud protection, security and threat detection

Category 6 — News media tracking

Category 7 — Social media within sales management — for identifying B2B prospects

I don't think the categories are hierarchical, and the list is far from complete, even though most of the top solutions are on it.

Also excited about 2010 and what Dave Chaffrey predicts Social Media Tools will evolve into:

  • Capability for image tracking, video, logo, photos etc
  • Integration with workflow, ERP systems, etc
  • Range of report formats, styles, configured as ‘products'
  • Chart and analysis integration — mapping, 3D, tag clouds, visualisation techniques, etc
  • Actionability -direct intervention in dialogue, development of advertising, web campaigns, etc

The points I highlighted are big ones, and match up with what I predicted in the Future of Social Media Monitoring presentation I gave in London last month (see below) ..

Meanwhile, here's the list — i'll take a closer look soon, I just wanted to make sure my readers knew about this list of 26 Tools for Social Media Monitoring.





* Radian6 - in partnership with Web Trends Social media monitoring platform for marketing, communications and customer support professionals

Billing is tied to results, not the parameters used

Sentiment, engagement, reach, inbound links, vote count or comment count

Post and source tags to create a “social web caller ID” system, and segment results for in-depth reporting and analysis

Supports filters

Flexible dashboard and as-it-happens alerts enable monitoring of all forms of social media and related comments in real-time

Results can be filtered by country, by source and by media type, within date range or for pre-set days

Email, IM, communication tools

WebTrends integration  filters social media content with web stats like site visits, conversions, or purchases

Trupulse(Visible, founded 2005; strategic partnership with WPP) Online brand management — Repair, protect and proactively promote brand or corporate reputation in search engine results Powered by the proprietary truCAST engine — discovery, collection, processing, analysis and engagement architecture for social media content truREPUTATION — online reputation management service

truPULSE — RSS based web monitoring


truVOICE — allows participation with consumers

truSEARCH — SEO tool

* Scout Labs Relatively low cost 'self service product'

Costs range from $100 to $750 a month (Feb. 2009) depending upon how many platforms, or “workspaces,” and how many concurrent text searches clients need, there is no limit on nos users per workspace

Proprietary tools Create graphs, forward, bookmark, initiate discussions, download graph data or copy graphs

The dashboard offers real-time metrics for buzz volume, customer sentiment, and competitive share of voice across the web

Agencies can ‘white label' the reports

SEER (VML, part of WPP group) Defines a brand ‘ecosystem' System built on

1) a focused crawler;

2) custom dictionaries and parsing;

3) a web-based control panel;

4) a three-dimensional visualization tool

Constantly updated

Builds a model over time of the patterns of communication within the target audience

Every relationship is mapped out three-dimensionally, with ‘hot spots' and tag clouds to identify areas of interest

* Nielsen Buzz Metrics Real time market intelligence and brand metrics, with expert input and support Text-mining, analytic technologies and

expert analysts

30 report formats

Customisable dashboard

Threat Tracker alerts by email

Brand Tracking, Audit and Scorecard reports for regular information

Brand Association maps

Feedback Ferret Voice of Customer Platform to gather, analyse and report on customer feedback Contextual analysis engine extracts topics, themes and sentiment from unstructured feedback; can build in customer data files Interactive dashboards supplied; capability to share across organisation
Interwoven(acquired by Autonomy 2009) Interwoven web content management uses Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to provide a powerful solution for profiting from social media Uses Meaning Based Computing technology; IDOL gives clustering, pattern matching techniques, and probabilistic modeling Dashboard data delivered within the content management system

TeamSite, LiveSite, and Optimost automatically deliver dynamic, targeted, and optimized content and offers to consumers based on social media sentiment and emerging trends

Nielsen BlogPulse Blog tracking and management for individuals and bloggers as well as corporates Based on machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques

Search by link (URL), keyword, phrase, boolean query, and date range

“Performs a unique kind of text mining on blog data to help reveal topics and themes within blog entries every day”

Statistical reports, produced daily

Trend analysis and charting

Blogger profiling

Conversation tracker

* Market Sentinel A range of tools for sentiment monitoring, identifying key influencers and campaign buzz tracking. Based on machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques

Search by link (URL), keyword, phrase, boolean query, and date range

“Performs a unique kind of text mining on blog data to help reveal topics and themes within blog entries every day”

Statistical reports, produced daily

Trend analysis and charting

Blogger profiling

Conversation tracker

Buzz Logic Blog based media agency — tracking influential conversations on the web and aligning ad campaigns

Costed on monthly  subscriptions

Algorithms calculate the expertise and credibility of conversational media, and map the social graphs emerging around each site's content

Based on analysis of:

-traffic and number of inbound links
-contextual relevance to a customer's specified area of concern, such as key words.
-frequency of content publication on such topics
-the traffic it sends back to the marketer

* Cymfony(acquired by TNS Media Group in 2007) PR management tool with customer service and marketing applications, especially crisis management Powered by Cymfony's InfoXtract(TM) technology, an information extraction and analysis engine used by US government and intelligence agencies

Proprietary Natural Language Processing engine automatically identifies, classifies, quantifies and benchmarks important people, places, companies, concepts, relationships, and events in documents from both traditional and social media.

Based on detailed grammatical analysis of the text

Orchestra — a model centred on metric views, reports, and clippings. With interface tools to help users build custom views, create and share reports and structure complex queries to sort though massive amounts of data

Cymfony's Professional Services team delivers customized reporting services, specializing in integrated media measurement programs with corporate six sigma initiatives

Marchex Reputation Management

(in development)

Customer insight tool for SMEs Standard charts on positive, neutral or negative reviews Checks business listings

Identifies keywords for differentiation

Competitor comparison

Capability to share positive news and reviews with customers and employees through email, Twitter, Facebook, Digg or other sources

Reputica Reputation management and recruitment support

Claims to be able to predict where stories will go as well as track where they came from

Powered by iFeed, a discovery and aggregation engine for social media

Self-learning capability

Inbuilt ranking and scoring system with sentiment analysis

Dashboard capability for online reputation monitoring

Search related tool for recruiters

Jodange Opinion based reputation management

Targets publishers of online content

Uses linguistic analysis to extract opinion data from documents and identify the opinion holder and topic each opinion expression

Ignores factual statements to focus on opinions and score sentiments

Defines the relationship between Opinion Holder, Opinion, and Topic

Capability to correlate opinions to outcomes over time

Converseon Social media agency with proprietary tool for listening Advanced proprietary natural language processing and related technologies plus human interaction from the set-up phase through to report delivery and engagement Conversation MinerTM

Conversation Manager

Conversation Monitor

SERM Analyzer

* Who's Talkin Free tool for individuals or organisations wanting to monitor their own or competitors presence in social media conversations Search and sorting algorithms Search strings
* Social Mention Free social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content Analysis based on:Strength is phrase mentions within the last 24 hours divided by total possible mentions.

Sentiment ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.

Passion is most frequently used keywords and number of times mentioned. Number of mentions by sentiment.

Reach the number of unique authors referencing your brand divided by the total number of mentions

Search strings

Delivers daily social media alerts

Trackur Tracks sentiments and trends in social media mentions with alerts via email and RSS Boolean keyword based query with option to exclude some sites
Viralheat Viralheat aims to be a one stop shop for understanding social media

Effectively a search engine

Monthly subscription (10 profiles for $10 and 50 profiles for $40)

User generated profiles. Operate on a proprietary, custom-built cloud host. Includes Compete and Quantcast numbers. Generates dashboard charts

Insights delivered in real time

Exports to Excel or pdf

Daily email alerts can be shared

NetBase Consumer Insights Market and consumer insights in real-time to identify actionable consumer opinions Content Intelligence is able to read every sentence of every document, linguistically understand the sentences, and provide market and consumer insights
Envisional Fraud and piracy protection for logos and trademarks

Patented A31 visual search technology

Built in filters with user defined parameters

Unique, patented search technologies alongside a team of experienced analysts

“sentiment monitoring” system, using fuzzy logic and self-organising maps

KnowEm Brand protection and security Identifies users of brand names and their contact details

Tracks multiple metrics to determine which networks are gaining (or losing) traction in the social media landscape

Reputrace(Repumetrix formerly CoreX) ‘All purpose' but focus on security applications
High speed reporting on latest mentions and references

Reporting tool sends summaries from the site that include company logos

Mark Monitor Brand security, particularly domain monitoring

FiltrBox News tracking system Looks at multiple dimensions to generate a score (1-10 scale) for each article

Can be user defined

Rapid alert system

Email, web dashboard, and custom RSS feeds (FiltrFeedsTM)

Daily briefing emails

Newssift News media based search tool exclusively focused on business Identifies the people, companies, places and connections common across all stories; scores sentiment within stories User defined queries
NewsLive(ebiquity) Completely automated digital service plus all the benefits of a traditional, tried-and-tested manual clippings agency The Newslive editorial monitoring service 3 different scores, allocated by trained readers. Scores can be weighted according to the size of audience An email alert is sent as soon as a relevant news story breaks; the latest headlines and content transcripts are included by a team of specialist news readers and précis writers working 24/7

Users can track the scores

Inside View Identifies B2B sales companies prospects from  intelligence gained from social media and traditional editorial sources Continuously aggregates and analyzes personal, executive, and corporate information Delivers contact lists, exports leads, manages watch lists,

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  • May 30 Posted 4 years ago Prospectrs

    Choosing a social media monitoring softwware is not just about picking the platform that aligns with your industry (finance-->fraud protection etc.). The amount of original content you produce, the number of social media platforms your brand is active on, your willingness to talk to customers directly on social media, and more, are all factors.  Yes, it is important to monitor your brand for any and all negative mentions, but it's more important to implement a startegic social media marketing plan that drives customers to your official brand accounts where you can engage diastified customers before an online reputation managment situation arises. - Prospectr Marketing (

  • bexdeep's picture
    May 16 Posted 5 years ago bexdeep

    The players in the social media management tools are increasing rapidly. This is a great list to start with, but there are many new players that are making its presence felt in the market. Even the market demand is quite different than in the year 2009. 

    It would be better to have a complete updated list on this landscape. On that note, I would like to recommend one of the social media management infrastructure called Simplify360. I and my team have been working on social media monitoring platform since the beginning of 2009 and have seen this market evolve, the maturity is yet to come though. 

    *Disclaimer, I represent the team of

  • JonBurg's picture
    Dec 23 Posted 7 years ago JonBurg The big piece missing from every industry roundup is a standard set of tests.  Being very real and honest, a number of solutions often regarded as "top tier" score well below 50% accuracy on sentiment overall, relevant sentiment and even worse on sentiment at the topic level.  And some of those solutions that correctly score sentiment over 70% of the time often leave anywhere from 70-90 percent sentiment undetermined/mixed/nuetral.  I have dug into those unscored posts, and they often contain meaningful sentiment.

    Most of the automated solutions in the market simply do not work.  If a system believes that a reposting of a sales promotion is an endorsement, they are missing the point.  And until we get far more accurate metrics, we aren't going to be able to draw the large parallels that many ROI equations rely on.


  • Dec 17 Posted 7 years ago RicardoMorales Good post. I will study which one can I use for my start up Thanks.
  • Mike Johansson's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 7 years ago MikeJohansson1 Very interesting post and I do appreciate the seeming comprehensiveness, but I too am surprised that the Aleterian/Techrigy SM2 tool is not even mentioned. The sentiment montoring abilities alone make it a standout in the field. Will you be updating the post?
  • Dec 11 Posted 7 years ago EricP Thank you for the information -- this is a very good list. Another good free app to consider is tweetbeep.


  • Dec 11 Posted 7 years ago patrickgladney

    Social media is a long-term commitment, in terms of both analytics and engagement.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that listening to social media is as easy as a push of the button.  It’s a messy, messy, messy world out there in the blogosphere – meaning that you need to have the patience and resources to accurately dissect and measure the conversations that matter, not just any incidental, commercial or irrelevant mention of your brand. 

     Right now I think the lack of familiarity with the social media environment is making it possible for agencies and brands to pass off analytics that lack the depth and precision required to accurately measure the true promise of social media – a medium defined by peer to peer discussions with the potential to influence perceptions and purchase behaviour.

     Patrick Gladney

     Director Social Media

    Northstar Social Currency


  • Connie Bensen's picture
    Dec 11 Posted 7 years ago Hi Marshall,

    I'm surprised that you didn't notice that Alterian SM2 (Techrigy SM2) is missing. Your slide deck includes many screenshots form SM2.

    I commented on Dave's original post. And I'm curious as to your opinion? I believe that Alterian SM2 fits in the first category. It has the most comprehensive charting & analytical abilities on the market. It also has automated sentiment with a customizable dictionary, workflow and many other aspects (geomapping, etc).

     And it was great to meet you in person!

    Connie Bensen

    Director of Community Strategy, Alterian


  • Dec 11 Posted 7 years ago MichaelBrewer Thank for the comments, Marshall, and great presentation.    I'm planning to update the list over time so any more suggestions of tools to be included are welcome.

    As you say, the categorisation is not hiercharchical. It's pretty subjective at this stage, as well.  The competitive landscape is slowly emerging, driven by various factors.  The categories came out of thinking about which customer type these tools are targeted at and what strategic goal they address.

    One other thought for the future - many consumer focused organisations want to link their social media monitoring to voice based customer interaction.  Autonomy make this possible now in technical terms.  Working out how to define and manage the processes for acting on such information will be a key challenge.

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