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Top Travel App Innovations That Will Change The Way You Travel in 2014

Travel Apps

When it comes to planning a vacation or quick weekend getaway, travelers have the option of using a variety of amazing new apps and websites to assist in the search for the best deals, destinations and more. From sites that find and compare the lowest airfares and last minute hotel accommodations, to apps that guide you through your travels and suggestions for restaurants and must-sees, startups are continuing to “wow” the online travel space with new ways to ease travel for consumers.

As technology continues to evolve the travel industry, these five apps will help you manage your weight on the road and help you travel with friends without stressing over email planning overload. 

Flights With Friends (

This website focuses on group travel, and makes it easier for flights and hotels for large groups (friends/family) to book their trip together by listing all travel options onto one page for all involved in the arrangement to see (this includes all flight hotel accommodation, car rental options, etc).

Roomer (

At any given moment, travel can often be unpredictable which can lead to altered plans and trip cancelations.  With this situation, travelers may find themselves paying for items they will not be using, i.e. a nonrefundable hotel room. Acting as the “stub-hub” for the hotel industry, Roomer allows travelers who are unable to use their hotel room, to list it on the website at a discounted pricegiving spontaneous travelers who are looking for a last minute deal, the opportunity to purchase the room. It’s a safe and effective travel solution for the seller as it reduces the cost of cancelling their hotel room, and for buyers, it offers hotel accommodations at a discounted price.

RouteHappy (

This website allows for users to search for the “happiest” flight accommodations for them. After typing in travel dates and the destination, this website informs users of the airline and route that will make the travelers the “happiest.” Happy factors include flights that have larger seats, nicer planes, certain accommodations, entertainment and more.

MenuStat (

For those on vacation who are conscious about gaining a few extra pounds, MenuStat provides users with nutrition information on over 35,000 menu items, providing the sugar, fat and salt content at major restaurants around the country.

TripIt (

This app is perfect for those travelers who want to organize their travel plans and itinerary into one place. Users can upload flight and hotel confirmations and store them into the app, as well as sync their own Google and iCould calendars.

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  • Marshall Crawford's picture
    Dec 9 Posted 3 years ago Marshall Crawford

    These travel apps will definitely make my business trip a memorable experience,thanks for sharing! I am sure these apps work for us as a guide that helps us to travel a place which we do not know before.

  • Layla Revis's picture
    Dec 9 Posted 3 years ago Layla Revis

    Thanks, Ajay! For flights, there's always Skyscanner for last minute travel (and Kayak, of course), along with HotelTonight and Airbnb, as well. With so many options in the market, it's hard to make up one's mind!

  • ajayprasad's picture
    Dec 9 Posted 3 years ago emarketing .

    Thanks Layla for sharing such great insights.

    The article would definitely help us to plan vacation in 2014.

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