Top Universities in Social Media

Posted on January 22nd 2013

Top Universities in Social Media

Which US schools perform the best on social media? Track Social's Universities Zone tracks school performance on social media year round. As we push into the second half of the academic year, we thought it was time to assess how the schools stand.

To rank the schools we used the Track Social Overall Performance metric which combines data from major social platforms (Facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) based on all activity by the schools, all responses from users, as well as general chatter levels in social media.

So here are the Top Universities in Social Media and how they did it:

The school that gave birth to Facebook, ushering in the Social Era, tops our rankings on the back of a large audience, huge buzz, and topping the rankings on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Social media education


Texas A&M is the leader in Engagement, getting amazing levels of response on both Facebook and Twitter from its enthusiastic fans. It can't quite compete with Harvard on notoriety, but you could argue its results are even better based on the response of their fans.

Social media education


Another 'less-acclaimed' school to punch above its weight, LSU comes in second on Facebook overall, and also gets great levels of Engagement across platforms.

social media education


Yale tops the rankings on Social Presence - representing the amount of posting activity - meaning that they are a bit like a do-gooder student rising through the ranks on the back of sheer hard work. Which is not a terrible mantra to pass on to students.

Social media education


Representing the west coast, Stanford round out the Top 5 with a solid record across platforms, with extra credit for their YouTube channel, which stood out from the pack.

Social media education


Now for those universities that were just short of making it into our Top 5:

6. University of Michigan
7. Ohio State University
8. University of Texas at Austin
9. University of Florida
10. University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Morgan J. Arnold

Morgan J. Arnold

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Kent Ong
Posted on January 22nd 2013 at 6:13AM

Harvard always top the list of new technology, just surprised that why MIT is not in the list.

Cody Gough
Posted on January 22nd 2013 at 1:17PM

The schools aren't ranked proportionally to student population, which is a bit ridiculous; all the schools ranked are huge schools, so this doesn't really have any validity. For example, Drake University should not only be on this list, but should be very HIGH on this list: they've been touted as an upper education - and overall brand best practice - pioneer on Pinterest. But Pinterest isn't part of this aggregator, either... definitely take this with a grain of salt.

Posted on January 28th 2013 at 6:20AM

I completely support you Cody. Drake should have been on the top, but i guess the "high buzzed" got recognition first. Anyways, you have made that to this atleast. Back to the topic, I think more and more schools shoulld jump to this factor and start teaching about social media in a more sophisticated, as it is bound to create more inroads into the daily lives.

Posted on March 21st 2013 at 11:25AM

Definitely agree with TAMU and LSU being on here. They were top spots on our ranking of top SEC schools on Twitter.