Travel: The Hyper-Connected Digital Elite [INFOGRAPHIC]

Martin Meyer-Gossner Founder & Web Business Strategist, The Strategy Web™

Posted on October 29th 2013

Travel: The Hyper-Connected Digital Elite [INFOGRAPHIC]

When I am traveling to see clients, I am very much a cross-platform user. Sometimes, I book and buy from my tablet, then from my smartphone, and less often via my laptop. In the hotel room, I use my laptop, at the airport lounge the tablet comes into play, and between meetings more often I just use my smartphone: 3 screens, always on but hard to catch for marketers.

True? Well, some recent research by Google states that almost two thirds of travelers are interested in booking and buying travel products “whenever they can” and “wherever they can.” It becomes clear that hyper-connected travelers spend 30% more than less-connected travelers. As you can see from this infographic by Monetate, the always-on active travelers show some significant purchase habits:

- 74% of travel consumers who use tablets were under 45 years
- 40% of travelers plan their trips via smartphones and tablets
- 32% of business travellers use smartphones to book their travel (under 30 years)
- 7.5% of all online travel bookings came from tablets


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Martin Meyer-Gossner

Founder & Web Business Strategist, The Strategy Web™

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