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The trust bureaucracy

In business, the inefficiency of many bureaucracies stems from the same lack of trust we all experience online. In most mid to large-sized companies, employees work in a system where trust is a scarce and highly valuable resource. If a manager can trust his/her employee, he can delegate more effectively and  avoid time-consuming micromanagement. If this system of trust were to be implemented across an entire bureaucracy, employees would be able to create their own trusted corporate networks in which reliability, accountability, and productivity flowed freely.

Trust maximizes  efficiency. Efficiency maximizes productivity. Productivity maximizes success. Maximized bureaucratic success starts with trust.

Of course it's not a one-step solution. Acknowledging the importance and potential of trust in a corporate bureaucracy is one thing, but building or re-building your company around this fact is another obstacle entirely. It's a long process made up of many small steps and goals.  The first step is figuring out if you are trust-worthy, and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are. The second step is analyzing the people you work with to determine if they are trust-worthy. The third is figuring out a way to increase that number by one. The fourth through x step is to repeat step three.

Trust is not easily acquired. But that does not mean we should not be working towards it.

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