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Turn Twitter Into a Traffic Machine with This Social Media Tool

Are you ready to turn your Twitter account into a traffic machine? You’ve heard that social media can be massive for traffic, but how is that working for you? What if you could read about a tool that is free, and takes less than 20 minutes a week to bring you hundreds to thousands of visitors?

This tool is one of my favorites, and will soon be yours as well, get ready to use Triberr.

It amazes me when I meet a blogger not using Triberr. It is probably my favorite Twitter tool because it is easy to use, helps me connect with other bloggers, and helps me get traffic to my website.

What is Triberr?

A website where bloggers feed their blog posts for other bloggers to see. A platform where it is easy to share these posts to your favorite social media profiles.

I log into Triberr a couple of times a week and see a stream of blog posts that have been published by my fellow tribe members. This stream is really similar to your rss list of feeds, that you might see in Feedly.

My Twitter account is attached to my Triberr account, but you can add other social media profiles as well. I believe Twitter is the most commonly used. This is how it makes it so easy to share.

As I go through the stream I click the Share button on each post I want to share on my Twitter account. These posts are added to a queue that sends a tweet based on a predetermined segment of time (every 45 minutes, every hour, etc).


Posts are sent out to my followers, and my fellow bloggers get traffic from my account. Their username is mentioned in each post, so they they are aware of the share. When they share my posts, I see the same.

Reciprocation on Triberr

When I share posts from other bloggers through Triberr, it updates on my account there the last time I shared. This tells the other bloggers that I am active, and promoting content.

Bloggers will see that I am sharing their content on Twitter under their Connect area.

When they see I’ve shared their content, they are more likely to look closely at my content and share it, if it is appropriate for their followers.

There is no forced reciprocal sharing on Triberr. If you share for others and they do not return the favor, you can stop sharing for them. They can do the same.

Joining Tribes

Triberr can be confusing when you first join. You won’t have a stream because it will be empty, as you aren’t part of a tribe yet.

You can go to Tribes and Explore tribes as below, where you can look for tribes that might work with your blog.


Select a category on the right, and click on each tribe to open it. You’ll be able to see members, the recent blog posts they’ve published, and the option to follow or join.

Follow or Join- Follower, Member, Chief

When you try to join a tribe, you’ll become a follower. A follower is someone who gets all of the published posts from that tribe in their stream, but the follower’s blog posts are not shared to the other members of the tribe.

As you join the tribe you get an option to ask for a promotion to become a member. Members’ posts are shared to the rest of the tribe, so it’s worth it to ask for the promotion.

In addition to the automated way to ask, you should also leave a comment on the tribe’s page, telling the owner that you plan to be active, and would like to be promoted.

The chief of the tribe is the owner, or another moderator, they are able to add new members,  and remove them.

I suggest trying to join a few tribes to get active.

Being Removed From Tribes

As a tribe chief I regularly login to check on my members. I like to make sure they are logging in and sharing other bloggers’ posts. When I noticed someone hasn’t been on for a month or more I will remove them from the tribe.

In a reciprocal setting, it isn’t right for people to stay in a tribe when they don’t share others’ posts, and those who don’t share take up member space.

Using Triberr for Free

A tribe can only hold so many members for free, 50 right now. As a free member you don’t get access to using auto-share, which lets you share other members’ posts without having to login to add them to your queue. It’s a nice feature.

Being Active & Getting Results

Now that you know how to use Triberr you can use it to build up traffic to your website. When you have a new post go live, your tribe members will share it, if you’ve been sharing their posts.

Here’s what I do to make the most of my participation on Triberr:

  • Login often to share other posts
  • Look for new tribes to join every couple of weeks- to keep growing your audience
  • Thank others for sharing your posts
  • Read and comment on other bloggers’ posts
  • Started my own tribe that I often invite more people to
  • Build relationships with the members sharing your posts

My Opinion

For me there’s no easier way to get followers and traffic from Twitter. In fact, I am now getting almost half of my traffic from Twitter, so it is definitely worth logging in a couple of times per week.

What About You?

Are you using Twitter and other social media accounts to get traffic and more conversions on your website? 

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  • Mary Green's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago Mary Green

    Not a problem Mike, ha ha. Yes Triberr does rock, I love it!

  • Mike Allton's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago Mike Allton

    Thanks for including my article in your screenshot Mary! :)

    Fantastic overview. Triberr and the Triberr team rock.

  • jenpicard's picture
    Nov 11 Posted 3 years ago jenpicard

    I just signed up and am excited to try it out! Thanks for the killer intro.

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