Twitter’s API Limits Shoot Down Tweetro

Posted on November 28th 2012

Twitter’s API Limits Shoot Down Tweetro

Twitter doesn’t play games when it comes to third-party applications flocking around gathering up users. The social media networks API limits are there to hunt down culprits who exceed them and send them packing.  Even for the new third party app on Windows 8, Tweetro.

According to an article on Mashable, the popular free app, Tweetro, reached the API limits set by Twitter and met an unfortunate end as it was forced to be pulled from the Windows Store. Tweetro was the most popular Twitter application through the new Windows Store for Windows 8, giving users the best option to access Twitter on an operating system that is currently void of an actual Twitter application, or at least a good one.

Mashable’s article continues to state, these new API limits were created back in August to “cap applications that ‘replicate the core Twitter experience’ to 100,000 user tokens (Twitter accounts that can access the app).” Tweetro quickly jumped past the mark being the only third party Twitter application that fit into the design guidelines for Windows 8 and worked.  Mashable proceeded to explain when Lazyworm Applications tried to ask for an extension to the API limit, Twitter denied the request due to Twitter’s new Windows 8 application currently under production.

I understand that a large social network like Twitter would want to keep a tight lid on its users, but until Twitter rolls out their Windows 8 application, their users are in the dark on the new operating system. The only other options available are the Twitter site which Mashable claims, “doesn’t work particularly well with Windows 8 or Windows RT on a touch screen” or less popular applications. This is something that I would find particularly irritating. I just hope Twitter’s official application finds its way to Windows 8 users soon for the sake of their sanity. Who isn’t addicted to Twitter?

Are you one of the many Tweeters that used Tweetro? If so, what are you using now as an alternative?




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