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Twitter Best Practices: Twidiots, Twools, and Other Twitter Types to Avoid

twitter best practices
Avoid being a Twitter Dunce and
stay away from  these 8 Tweeps

As Twitter basks in the glory of being the fastest growing social platform in the world, chances are there are lot of new "Tweeps" on Twitter. If you’re at all concerned about who you might want to avoid on Twitter, here’s a handy field guide to …

8 Tweeps You Don’t Want to Meet or Be on Twitter

Twool: Someone who uses Twitter as a personal pressure relief valve to sound off about every little annoyance in life. The Twool will then sometimes get into raging arguments with people who disagree with them.

Twit: The user who finds everything just so amazing! They usually forget that Twitter is on the web, and so they waste everybody’s time and share stuff anyone can find on the web.

Twerp: He or she doesn’t understand that everything is public on Twitter. This category includes the basic (Moms chatting with their college kids about the really mundane or embarrassing) to the less-basic (celebrities having "@" conversations instead of using direct messages and then saying something stupid. A star in this category is former Major League Baseball player @JoseCanseco.

Twanker: Someone who goes out of their way to be obnoxious because any attention is better than no attention. They will sometimes send provocative "@" tweets to celebrities just to provoke a response.

Twarcissist: This Tweep loves themselves and talks all the time and always about themselves and the things they are doing. This area includes companies and brands, but also people who just plain can’t get beyond talking about themselves. Over the years it has included well-known CMOs and politicians all the way down to Twitter newbies just finding their way.

Twidiot: He or she never knows what is or is not appropriate to say on Twitter. This includes those who use very foul language all the way to those sharing their illegal activities as they are doing them! They may also be described as a "Twat" in British English.

Twalker: This creepy Tweep is a stalker – that person who is on Twitter only because of the slim promise of interactions with the famous, the desirable or the influential. Sends numerous "@" messages to these people and does not get a response – ever. So are there other kinds of Twitter annoying personas out there? Give them a name and let me know.

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  • emersondameron's picture
    Mar 1 Posted 4 years ago emersondameron

    Tweasers: Everyone who thinks following a thousand strangers today and unfollowing them next week is a good marketing strategy.

  • Mike Johansson's picture
    Feb 27 Posted 4 years ago Mike Johansson

    Carie, Tia - thank you! Love Twepeaters and Twexperts - and they will be duly added when I revisit this subject, as surely I will! Thanks!

  • CarrieMorgan's picture
    Feb 27 Posted 4 years ago CarrieMorgan

    Hilarious article, Mike! How about the Twepeats - who think content curation is spamming out the same articles a gazillion times! Even worse, when you are tagged in it, so you see your same tweet appear on your mentions over, and over, and over, and over.....

    What's the point of that? It doesn't resemble good content curation in any way - it just annoys and gets a fast unfollow. (Which sadly doesn't stop the mentions!)

  • emoderation's picture
    Feb 27 Posted 4 years ago emoderation

    Oh, where to start?  Twexperts. One for all the gurus, Ninjas and Life Coaches out there.

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