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Twitter Introduces New App For Windows 8 [VIDEO]


Twitter has just released a new Twitter app for Windows 8 that will make it easier to share and discover the content you love most on Windows 8 devices. Twitter is a great place to get breaking news, updates on local and global events, inspiration and to follow fascinating people. Twitter lets you share moments by expressing your views and ideas with rich media like photos, videos and commentary. In addition to traditional Twitter features you may be familiar with already like Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs, this app release adds new functionality that takes advantage of the unique features offered by Windows 8.

Snap View

This feature lets you use another app alongside Twitter by snapping it to the left or right side of the screen. You can now keep up your Twitter feed and conversation in real-time while watching a streaming video or reading a story in another window alongside Twitter. With snap view, you can adjust the window size of the app to 33%, 66% or full screen width. snap view 


Photos are now large and center with an all-new landscape view. Not only can you see larger versions of photos, you can also swipe horizontally to browse through multiple photos in the Discover tab of a user's profile. twitter photos 

Share charm

You can tweet from any app at anytime now. By simply swiping from the right edge of Windows 8 a share charm becomes available to share content on Twitter from given app including photos or news articles. twitter share charm 

Search charm

Windows 8 also provides a Search charm that makes it really easy to find other accounts or see Tweets using a specific hashtag. twitter search 

Live Tiles and notifications

Windows 8 also makes sure you don't miss a beat on Twitter. You can keep up with what's happening via Twitter live tiles and notifications that show up regardless of what app you're currently using. twitter windows 8

Twitter for Windows 8 is now available in the Windows Store in 22 languages.

Windows 8 might not be a mainstream OS for devices yet, but these features do bring some interesting new options to the table for Twitter fans. What do you think? Do you have any Windows 8 devices?

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  • Mar 15 Posted 2 years ago Social Annex

    This is one of many new more integrated apps that Microsoft is going to launch for Windows 8.  They have realized the value of media based interface and it will be interesting to see how they innovate within it.  UsingTwitter while using other apps within a split screen is awesome, reminds me of Back to the Future II when they watch multiple TV channels at once on the screen. For social integration Social Annex provides the largest platform;

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