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Twitter Litter: Followers alone is a meaningless metric.

Just got done chatting with someone who commented about how impressed they were that within 10 days a business had amassed over 2k followers. I had to explain why I am not impressed.

It is understandable when someone who has a huge off line presence is able to grow a following in a short period of time, using auto follower and other "get followers quickly" tools defeats the purpose of Twitter in my mind.

Quality over Quantity is my philosophy to twitter. Followers alone is a meaningless metric, especially if these people are looking for the same thing you are, more followers. If so, these people have very little interest in what you are in business to do and therefore produce no value. Instead take the time connect with people who are in the markets you serve, have mentioned similar interest or just post interesting stuff.

It does not matter how many followers your business has if you cannot engage with this community and show measurable results from your activity. The getting followers quickly schemes are like a fad diet, they will work in the short term but will yield marginal if any sustainable results.

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  • May 22 Posted 8 years ago SherryMain Dirk, agreed!  I can't tell people enough that following:follower ratios are meaningless.  But sadly,  it seems to be the quickest measure and verifiable figure that people often define success by.  It's become a popularity contest and many simply follow thousands, to gain the thousands of followers.

    I often wonder how many of the thousands of followers a brand or individual gets actually listens to them.  At some point it just becomes too much noise.

    Happy Friday!


  • May 21 Posted 8 years ago TomGray Dirk, I absolutely agree. I've considered some of these get 20,000 followers in 20 days pitches and rejected them because while big numbers are nice, I'm more interested in attracting followers who are interested in me, my ideas, the information I tweet ... followers who are willing to engage me at some level with a DM or @replies.

    These happen to be the criteria and the way I roll when following. I follow people who are interesting or compelling and often people who are just nice and maybe I can help out

    At the end of the day I'm looking for relationships and sometimes they lead to profit but always they lead to community.

  • dirkshaw's picture
    May 21 Posted 8 years ago dirkshaw Hi There,

     I agree many think more is better. What i would ask is how does incremental followers add value to your business.If they dont have a solid answer for that, perhaps they need to re-evaluate the role of twitter.

    Thanks for commenting,



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