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Twitter: New Profile Pages and How to Maximise Sales

Twitter: New Profile Pages and how to Maximise Sales

As Twitter launched their new, (some say Facebook-like) look for profile pages earlier this month, users were excited to see all of the designs new features, including myself.

All users on the web version of Twitter will now be able to highlight popular tweets, pin tweets, utilise a bigger background image space and a more noticeable media gallery.

Twitter: New Profile Pages and how to Maximise Sales

If you haven’t yet seen what the new Twitter webpage looks like for users who have updated their page with the new features, see my twitter page below. As you can see, Twitter have chosen to have a main cover image, just like on Facebook however, the full layout is of a closer resemblance to Google+.

Twitter: New Profile Pages and how to Maximise Sales

The new Twitter features will allow you to promote your business better than before. The fact that Twitter has now become more visual and similar to it’s biggest competitors show that they mean business. If you think the new Twitter layout will bring you business just because you are using all of it’s new features, think again. Here are a few tips to help you maximise your new Twitter profile to maximise sales.

1. Be Human

Regardless of the new updates, you shouldn’t change the way you speak to your customers online. Stay human, be approachable and always be polite, even when you don’t want to.

2. Utilise the New Design

It may seem obvious, but you will need to make sure your profile has all the new features. At the moment, it is just optional however, this will change so make sure you have your new images ready for the update.

3. Change Your Content Strategy

With the new updates from Twitter, you will need to change your content strategy. Images are now more prominent and you will need to adapt to this change.

4. Know What Your Customers Want From You

Not just for Twitter but every other network too. If you don’t know what your customers expect from you online, you won’t be able to utilise the new features.

 Twitter want you to be able to communicate with your customers in the hope of increasing your sales so remember the above tips to help you master your new Twitter profile!

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