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Twitter Set to Launch Trending #Music Site

twitter music Twitter appears poised to launch a new music app this weekend! The web page was spotted at featuring the #music hashtag and a sign-in button, suggesting the new service is getting ready to launch. Discovered by The Verge, the sign-in button leads to an authorization request for an app called "Trending Music Web." Also Stephen Phillips, founder of We Are Hunted, the music service recently acquired by Twitter, has been seen tweeting songs via this new music application. The tweets links to embedded audio from SoundCloud and Rdio, so it would be safe to say these companies will be part of the Twitter Music experience.


This is an interesting new offering from Twitter which has yet to officially go live as the current sign-in isn't functional yet. The service is expected to launch some this weekend though, which would coincide with the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California which started on Friday. As such, the timing of this new music app launch couldn't be any better, as they're likely hoping to piggyback on the extra music hype this weekend given the enormous concert taking place. So what do you think? Could this new way to embed music within tweets signal a potential block on YouTube videos coming, by removing their Twitter Card support, in an effort to steer people to use this instead?

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  • Apr 15 Posted 4 years ago plebel

    It was only a matter of time before someone thought of this bright idea.  Being able to embed music into tweets will be great! Plus it can be a direct route without having to fool with YouTube and adding extra windows.  

    Sadly, it still isn't allowing a sign in so it must have missed the Coachella weekend.  That would have been so smart to do so because music was already getting a large amount of traffic.  However, it isn't too long until another big music festival I'm sure where they can use that attention to attract people to sign in via #music.  

    I think it is really neat that you will be able to use your actual Twitter account on #music almost all the same way.  You cannot get direct messages but you will be able to read your feed, see who follows you, and edit your profile.  

    Using music in your tweets will be a cool new thing I think not only music festival lovers will like but young teenagers, and even businesses.  Businesses can somehow formulate a way to use #music to interact with their customers and draw attention to their social media platforms.  Then, tons of people will use it for pleasure and learning about what new songs their friends are listening too.

    Overall, I think #music will be a hit.  It just needs to launch already so I can test it out.

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