Twitter Updates Apps and Increases List Maximum Size

Will Sigsworth
Will Sigsworth Content Writer, Social Media Frontiers

Posted on May 31st 2013

Twitter Updates Apps and Increases List Maximum Size

Twitter updatesTwitter has updated its iPhone and Android apps, making tweeting an “easier and more seamless experience”, according to the announcement post on Twitter’s blog. Twitter has also increased the maximum number of lists a user can have from 20 to 1,000.

It is now easier to add photos to tweets thanks to a number of improvements Twitter has made: users can now share photos by simply clicking on the photo icon to the bottom right of the tweet. Also, when a user adds a photo to a tweet, it will be visible in its entirety, not just in cropped view. Twitter extols the impact of the improvement in their post:

“With fewer steps needed to share photos, you can more easily share what’s going on in your life and quickly return to marveling over that gorgeous sunset.”

When a user composes a tweet, their username and avatar will appear, just as it would when the tweet has been posted. It’s also easier to switch between accounts now, by simply tapping on the corresponding avatar.

Twitter has listened to the requests of Android users and made notifications “richer”: Android users will now see more information about their interactions within the Notification Drawer. iPhone users, meanwhile, will notice that there are no borders around their timelines. 

Twitter has also greatly increased the number of lists that users can have, from 20 to 1,000. Each list, meanwhile, can contain 5,000 separate accounts, up from 500. Twitter announced the update in an @TwitterForNews tweet yesterday.

Twitter lists are a brilliant tool for any business, as they allow users to categorise and easily track conversations, or even secretly monitor the competition.

What do you think of Twitter’s app and list improvements? Were you hoping Twitter would increase the list size? 

Will Sigsworth

Will Sigsworth

Content Writer, Social Media Frontiers

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