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Twittering In An Educational Setting

I am curious what the majority of the educational population believes is adequate and/or a superfluous level of twittering in a classroom setting. My basic research shows that there is a huge gap in the different generations opinion as what is acceptable and what is considered all out rude.

Since being social always involves the free exchange of information and break down of boundries it seems that the classroom setting needs to evolve or die out. Since most colleges allow laptops in the classroom isn't twittering and other social networks just another form of the free flow of information?

At the high school and college level where online social networks are most prolific are we doing an injustice by attempting to cut this action out of the class room experience for the sake or personal pride?

I want to hear from both perspectives. Professors/ Instructors/ and Students doing the twittering, texting, emailing etc..

As Students:

  1. How often do you twitter while in class?
  2. How do you know when the professor isn't keen on your online actions?
  3. Do you use a laptop in class?
  4. Do your instructors ever expressly forbid the use of communicating online when in class?
  5. Do you think instructor monitor what is being said online about their class/topic?
  6. Do you feel your grades suffer because you are multi task and possible missing important points of the information being presented by the instructor?
  7. Do you want your instructors to accept this behavior?
  8. Experiences & your thoughts on the topic..

As Professor/Instructors:

  1. Do you allow twittering, texting, emailing while your students are in class?
  2. Do you have any policies reguarding online communication when class is in session?

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