Use Facebook for Product Testing

Posted on April 5th 2012

Use Facebook for Product Testing
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Social media marketing.

Is that the only business use for social media?

Just browsing Facebook, you can see that many businesses are using the platform in unique ways to stand out.

Since social media is about building a community, why not put that community to good use?

Facebook is a perfect place to create a virtual product testing group.

Users ‘like’ a page because they are genuinely interested in a brand and want to learn, contribute, and share. Use these invested followers to help you make a better product or service, they are the ones buying it.

One of the simplest ways you can start using Facebook followers to help with research and development is with the built in poll system. Instead of a regular Facebook post, simply select the ‘Ask Question’ link and add poll options.

Facebook product testing

This voting system will give you some analytical data and can also start conversations. Everyone loves to give their opinion, especially if it will affect something they like or use.

To encourage commenting and sharing, try promoting your research with a giveaway. Offer to give one of the newly developed products to a contributor once development is completed. This will also tell your followers that you are serious about their help and this new product.

Starting out with a poll helps determine interest. After polling, try moving to open ended questions to learn more.

Some example product or service questions:

“What changes would you make to product x?”

“How would you benefit from service x?”

“What is challenging about x? Would y help? How?”

Using open ended questions like these will help to start an in-depth conversation and entice more people to join in.

Remember: Thank your social community, give them updates, and let them know you are listening.

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