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Use Google+, Are You Serious? [VIDEO]

You are a business and you think Facebook and Twitter are the best social networks to be on? You aren’t alone in thinking that, but have you considered using Google+ ?

Ok, let's say you have. I bet it was around a year ago and your thoughts (or the advice you were given) was “don’t bother, nobody is there”. Well, times have changed and according the Global Web Index, who looked at social network use in January of 2013, Google+ is now in 2nd place of social platforms used, sandwiched between Facebook and Youtube, swiftly followed by Twitter.

social network usage
Shown as millions of active users

Showing Love to the “Ghost Town”

By many a business owner, many a tech journo and many a normal person walking down the street, Google+ was branded a “Ghost Town” – something I really have always disagreed with. But I am a digital marketer, so I am biased a little. The truth is that you may not get 100 comments on Google+ but the quality of them will be superior and more in depth that some of the frivolous stuff you will get on Facebook, for example.

But let’s say it was a Ghost Town: today it really can’t be called that with well over 300 million active users in December.

So maybe it’s time we showed Google+ some love and gave it the time of day to help our business and drive traffic and quality interactions.

How to use Google+


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  • andykinsey's picture
    Jun 7 Posted 3 years ago andykinsey

    If they used either of those as stats for this the numbers would be much high, I think its safe to say Google has more unique active users a month for search than facebook as a whole (could be wrong with that sweeping statement)

    I'm pretty sure these are qualified active users, uploading and sharing photos add ing people to circles, posting updates and comments etc not just looking that the number of people adding them from gmail notifications

  • cwhitescarver's picture
    Jun 5 Posted 3 years ago cwhitescarver

    Each time I've seen these results I've wondered the same thing. What do they consider an 'active user' when reporting activity for Google+ users?

    If they are including signing into a Gmail account or just using Google search while signed in as an active Google+ user then that wouldn't be an accurate representation.

  • Andrew Goodman's picture
    Jun 5 Posted 3 years ago Andrew Goodman

    Surprised to see that Instagram isn't in the top 25!

  • LarrySnow's picture
    Jun 5 Posted 3 years ago SJCWebDesign

    Although I agree that Google + is gaining ground on Facebook, do you think that Google + stats are a bit blurred? I'm saying that because I'm thinking if one were to sign into Gmail, one is also automatically signed in to G+. So by using Gmail is that considered an "active user" on G+? I guess the bigger question here is what is an "active user"?

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