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Use Social Media to spot issues before they hit the Contact Center!

Firey laptop batteries, defective chips, tainted foods, toothpaste that stains teeth — these are just some real examples of issues that struck companies recently that might have been headed off at the pass by Social Media.

When you have an issue these days — what's the first place you go for more information? That's right — the Internet — most likely Google but increasingly for real time information search you might use Twitter. Conversely most people don't just pick up the phone and call a company anymore.

Some of these issues first showed up on Twitter way before they ever hit the Contact Center. Perhaps days before anyone called into the Contact Center to inquire.

With the speed of Social Media these days — wouldn't you love to have a few days head start? Well you do — but only if you are listening.

A peer of mine said that she has seen this effect already on Twitter but she doesn't jump at the first sighting — she waits to see at least a second sighting perhaps in a different channel (or coming from a different region) before she decides to engage.

While clearly you need to use your best judgment — you do have the opportunity to head off at the pass serious issues for your brand before they become front page news. The only caveat is, you have to be listening …

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