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Use Twitter as a Newspaper

Twitter - Today's NewspaperTwitter is today’s  ”interactive newspaper."

It is the place I go to for the latest in news, sports, business, weather and professional and personal intersts. If you use Tweetdeck, it can be a great screen to organize these interests. You can do this several ways:

Create lists of information

Organize your followers by content. I usually put companies like CNN, USAToday, NewsChannels, NewsPapers in a list called “News” – one column for specific information.

Organize your columns by hashtag #

  • Create columns for marketing: #socialmedia,  #onlinemarketing, #marketing
  • Create columns for industries: #ag, #food, #environmental

Organize your screen by function

  • Mentions: Which contacts are talking about you or retweeting your work
  • Interactions: Which people are talking about you and following you
  • Tweets: What information are you sending out and when did you last share something

Organize your time

  • Check out your columns created above in real time throughout the day.
  • Use search functionality on key words to find information posted on that particular topic.
  • Quickly scan your columns for good headlines and click on links to gain more in-depth information.
  • Also, consider scheduling your tweets to help you organize your time.
  • Just like a newspaper, you need to read it and then put it down for awhile.

Start writing the news for yourself and/or your company

  • Here is the biggest difference: you can now write news stories.
  • You need to tell people why they should read your content and connect with you.
  • Just like a newspaper, you need to update your content on a regular basis.
  • You also need to write so that your paper is interactive and worth sharing.
  • Make sure you acknowledge your readers with a return reply.

If you approach Twitter like a newspaper and use a tool like Hootsuite or TweetDeck (I prefer the TweetDeck Google Chrome Extension), you will see Twitter in a new light. The main difference between Twitter and a traditional newspaper is that this news service is interactive and requires your input and readers to make it an effective platform.

Be a leader on Twitter and start making news and sharing insightful information. Connect with your users, but ultimately find a way to make it a fun experience so you stay with it on a consistent basis.

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  • JohnDeisher's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago JohnDeisher

    Some great ideas here. Creating columns by hashtag helps to show the importance of hashtags in my own posts. I think that is why I like Hootsuite for this task. Besides having a stream that is made up of a large number of news sources that scrolls throughout the day, I can quickly create a stream based on a specific hashtag to follow throughout the lifecycle of a news event.

    Thanks for the ideas.

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