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Using Social Media for Customer Service

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, allowing businesses to reach a large audience quickly, easily, and effectively. But it’s important to remember that effectiveness depends on strategy and technique.

Facebook business page

Facebook is amongst the most popular social sites and has an established network waiting to be accessed. For any individual or business, there are a few things to consider about this particular social network. Initially, there is a big difference between business pages and personal pages. Many entrepreneurs and personal brand individuals utilize their already established personal network to market themselves to a wide audience, forgoing the use of a business page. But one should consider how much more effective a business page would be for your social marketing strategy.

Why Should You Use Facebook Business Page for Your Business?

Business and personal matters should be dealt separately.

Having a business page keeps your personal and business topics separated. While you may consider yourself and your business one and the same, there is a need to present a 100% professional appearance, especially when marketing your personal brand. Additionally, you are able to market to a wider audience in general. When your audience comments, likes, and shares your posts, those actions appear on their newsfeeds, allowing you to market your business to outside networks. For any brand marketing through social media, the newsfeed is where most network development takes place.

Business pages are easier to find and access than personal pages.

When marketing yourself, exhibiting a professional profile lets the audience know that you are taking your personal brand seriously. It’s easier for users to access your information and to make it widely available to those outside of your personal network. Consider how difficult it is to search for an individual on Facebook. But, it’s much easier to locate a professional page or brand name because search results are wider.

Users may not feel comfortable “friending” a brand or business.

To “friend” a business is a step that would lead to sharing of all personal information. For users, it’s an easier initial step to “like” than it is to “friend”.  You need to build trust with customers before they will befriend your personal social account, and since that’s difficult (unless you can regularly interact with them), it’s far more effective to reach them through a business page that they can like. As you interact, trust will develop.

Facebook’s business page tools enable users to manage and organize their business better

While being likeable plays a big part in building a network, it is essential to focus on your marketing strategy. Managing and monitoring your posts and interactions are easy with the help of Facebook’s business page dynamics and tools. These give you the perfect picture of your social performance by showing you what topics are hot and which ones have flopped. As you analyze your results, you can tune your strategy to generate more customer interaction.

When it comes to social networks like Facebook, it’s important to understand the difference between personal profiles and business profiles. Set yourself apart by marketing your personal brand through a business profile, so that you can effectively interact with your audience, build their trust, and establish yourself as an expert in your profession.

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  • Feb 14 Posted 4 years ago treb (not verified)

    Excellent piece Kent…  Very useful. I had a great time reading your piece…  Thanks for sharing…

    <a href=""> treb </a>

  • younghotbrain's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 4 years ago younghotbrain

    Great posts Wayne!

    I think you have got great insights into social media phenomena as a buisenss owner. Befriending a brand does get uncomfortable.

    Here is a social media & business related post I think would add to your knoweldge.   

    Thanks for the post 

  • younghotbrain's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 4 years ago younghotbrain

    I think you have made a strong point there, Kent. People are unaware of Social Media power.  

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    For 1st point, I think it depends on what kind of brand. If the brand is big brand e.g Pepsi, Nike, etc, yes, they should have separate page but I read an article says that if a brand is a personal brand, we need to make sure that separate fan page doesn't confuse customers (both profile and fan page). Until today, still some people don't know how to differentiate between Facebook profile and Faceook fan page.

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