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Using Social Media to Source Infographic Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's no secret that big data sourced through social media can make compelling fodder for infographics. As many data points as you can shake a stick at exist around virtually any contemporary Buzz topic. Twitter hash tags have been used to predict Oscar winners, Twitter mentions have been used to gauge the popularity of internet viral videos, and even twitter historical data can be used to quickly give a fresh and unique spin to an otherwise well trod topic of interest. 

A synopsis of this type of content can be found in the infogaphic below. The subtle pay-off for any graphic that uses this technique is to use a topic of interest that people are talking about, and then use a big data analysis tool (such as Topsy) and give your own spin on the content by analyzing the twitter chatter. In this case we looked at negative versus positive sentiment for both #FGCU and the University of Florida (#gators) and then compared them in a pie graph. 

Overwhelmingly, people are pulling for FGCU. You can probably chalk that up to good old-fashioned American sentimentality for the "underdog". Be that as it may, it's always good to support any hypothesis with a bit of concrete data analysis. And just as you might have expected, the Florida Gulf Coast University match up against the Gators skews heavily in favor of the underdog Eagles. social media infographic
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