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This Valentine's Day, Provide Solutions for Your Market's Needs

valentine's day marketing

People are going to listen to what you have to say if it’s going to help them. Providing Valentine’s Day ideas not only helps them, but helps your business create trust with consumers.

Here we will show you 3 Pro Tips:

  1. It’s more about suggesting as opposed to telling
  2. Grab the attention of your target market
  3. Make a ‘limited edition’ product/service for Valentine’s Day

customer engagement on Valentine's DayIt’s more about suggesting as opposed to telling. Valentine’s Day related promotional posts with a solution don’t seem as pushy as the regular ones without a purpose.  The buyer will come to a natural “yes” and feel confident about purchasing the product.

  • Burberry suggests a gift idea for the man in your life. ↓

holiday promotion

  • House of Blues in Anaheim let their followers know that they have an easy solution for Valentine’s Day plans. They are effectively solving their customers needs on  Valentine’s Day.

social media holiday promotions

valentine's day and social media marketingGrab the attention of your target market. Be specific about who the products/services are for. People that are genuinely interested in your product are likely to click through.

products and services for social media

If you don’t feel any of your products/services are relatable to Valentine’s Day, dig a little deeper. Businesses of all sorts fin4d creative ways to market during all seasons.

limited edition product promoMake a ‘limited edition’ product/service for Valentine’s Day.

  • Diamond Candles does a great job at this. They even found a way to get more virality on their post – by getting people to tag their significant others in the comments!

candles valentine's day

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  • Kent Ong's picture
    Feb 6 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Cara, I agree with you. Suggesting but not selling, for me is the best strategy in Valentine's Day. In fact, no one would like receive instruction.

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