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From Vanity Stat to Content Marketing Tool: #NewKlout is Awesome

ImageSocial media geeks like myself have long debated the value of Klout. Some say Klout is silly and has no real applicable value while others say that it is an industry standard for figuring out if someone has a large share of voice online. Sure, the scoring system can be construed as silly, however we absolutely need a ways to figure out just how influential people are in the digital space and Klout provides a decent approximation. The Klout debate will still rage on, however the importance of content marketing is NOT debatable. Klout knows this and have positioned themselves as an awesome new content marketing tool. This makes perfect sense because at the end of the day the content that we share is precisely what makes us influential. The NEW Klout measures your online influence AND recommends articles for you to share based on your topical interests. The interesting thing here is that usually platforms recommend content for YOUR consumption while Klout recommends content that should resonate with your audience. There are a ton of reasons why the new Klout is awesome, however here are my favorite aspects of it.


The Create Tab is where you will find content suggestions from Klout. To get this content, Klout leverages the power of their data collection and recommends content based on your interest topics. As of right now, my Create Tab is chock full of social media news, video game articles and The Walking Dead blogs (I know, I’m a 27 year old child). One very cool aspect of the Create Tab is the little notes that they give you for certain articles. Klout lets you know if an article is new, super popular or even the likelihood that your community has seen it. A very valuable asset when it comes to content creation and trying to maintain a constant flow of good stuff to Twitter.


Much like other social media platforms, Klout allows you to schedule content to Facebook and Twitter. You can choose to use what they provide under the Create Tab or you can choose to compose and original post for scheduling.  As of now there isn’t any type of analytics available, however I would hope it’s on their roadmap.


The Measure Tab is the tried and true breakdown of your Klout Score. Here you will find a graph outlining your 90-day score history, network breakdown and your recent activity. I like the recent activity portion because you can filter by regency or the score impact to see which posts boosted your score the most. This tab will be very familiar to most Klout users.

Overall, I love the new Klout. I was a fan of it before this overhaul and now I have a tab open with Klout for most of my day. It has truly gone from being a vanity stat to a viable content marketing tool.

What do you think? Have you taken the new Klout for a test drive yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!


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  • Feb 19 Posted 3 years ago Madhava Verma D...

    Really good share, i personally struggling to understand the jingles of the Klout and almost lost the interest towards the same.  However reading your blog, i will re-visit and take a tour again




  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Feb 19 Posted 3 years ago Nate Mendenhall

    That's awesome! Thanks for the feedback Peter! I will have to check out SocialEars.

  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Feb 19 Posted 3 years ago Nate Mendenhall

    Tis true...The Walking Dead IS awesome. Glad you are taking another look at Klout. It could be very helpful down the road.

  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Feb 19 Posted 3 years ago Nate Mendenhall

    That's awesome! Thanks for the feedback Peter!

  • mattc1323's picture
    Feb 19 Posted 3 years ago mattc1323

    Hi Nathan. Great article. I have been bashing Klout for about 4 years, never really seeing the point unless you are competing against your friends for some kind of vanity metric. I have even given Klout a second thought until just now, after reading your article. 

    I like the idea of being able to schedule your posts through Klout, I think that gives them a huge advantage in this Time=Money world. I do hope to see some strong analytics soon though. 

    Also, The Walking Dead is amazing, don't let anyone tell you differently. 

    - Matt Coffey

  • Feb 19 Posted 3 years ago podryna

    Hi Nathan, great quick summary of the new Klout.  One of the long time flaws in the Klout score was that it ignored topical focus.  Sure Justin Beiber has a Klout score in the 80's. Far higher than SocialEars' score of 56.  But he's irrelevant and that's the rub.

    I think there article recommendation capability is a great start because at last there is some notion of topic in the website, though probably not in the score as far as I can see.  And the #1 recommended article is way off topic for us. SocialEars focuses on Social Marketnig Analytics and Engagement.  Not recruiting.

    My attempts to add 'Social Marketing Analytics' failed.  Klout wouldn't let me define that term.  No idea why.

    So it's a start.  Influencer analysis is a very difficult area.  Let's see if Klout can finally include relevance to their score so that it can be useful for more than just bragging rights.

      -Peter Odryna CEO SocialEars

        p.s. This article came up #1 in the What's Hot section of our own Social Marketing analytics using SocialEars.


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