ViDEO: The Content Dilemma in Social Media -- From SalesChaosTV

Posted on June 22nd 2012

ViDEO: The Content Dilemma in Social Media -- From SalesChaosTV

Content creation or content curation?

Are you a curator if you are retweeting the content of others?

Should you be retweeting it at all if you haven’t read it?

Do you need to create unique content to make your mark in social media or can you build a following by assembling marketing the thought-provoking words of others.

As much as Dan Waldschmidt and Todd Schnick like to solve a problem in each 8-minute episode of SalesChaosTV, it would be safe to say that they have opened Pandora’s box on this issue. Watch the video below for their insights into sharing content with the marketplace and let’s get a discussion going right here on Social Media Today.




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Dan Waldschmidt and Todd Schnick

Dan Waldschmidt is a former technology CEO, one of the founders of IntroMojo, a popular inspirational speaker, and a sought-after strategist on creating edgy conversations in the marketplace. He blogs regularly on his popular motivational selling blog Edge of Explosion and is the husband to a cute gal named Sara and the father to two energetic boys. He’s just an ordinary dude who happens to have an outrageous vision. And he wants to help you change the world Todd Schnick is a marketer, blogger, radio show host, speaker, trainer, political strategist, and distance runner. Since 2003 Todd has started six companies including The Intrepid Group, LLC, The High Velocity Organization, and Dreamland Interactive; marketing firms serving various markets and sectors. Messaging, strategy, and social media integration fall squarely within his key areas of expertise.
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Sorry guys, boring. Got 4 minutes into it because I really wanted to get something. In this segment you are guilty of "declaring the obvious with the air of discovery" -- create content that is valuable. Re: curating content not read -- if people are spewing stuff not read and that isn't valuable, I stop following them and it hurts their brand. This talk radio format doesn't work online, my time is too valuable. Much ado about nothing.

sorry this didn't resonate with you. thanks for watching. we work hard on this show, as it takes a lot of time for the team to produce. sometimes content, no matter the medium, doesn't resonate with everyone. curating the content of others is perhaps easier. we like to create our own, and stir up conversation. that's riskier...

Good point.  Not sure that there too much more to say about "content".  Boring or stupid content just get's ignored.  You might get that -- and be bored with us stating the obvious -- but I'm not sure that concept is commonly understood.

The emphasis on the web is on quantity. Not quality. If you watch the million "how to" videos about blogging, they focus on what and how and when to write (or shoot video about).  But's that's ridiculous.  

BTW, we are one piece of the SMT platform. If our format isn't right for you, then check out the rest of the authors and content here.  We aren't for everybody -- especially if you value your time.



Just shared the video with my network without watching.  JK. 

Pretty strong words from the guy above eh?  Me personally, I find that your videos are VERY informative, fun to watch etc etc.  Id honestly rather watch you guys talk then read a long article.  Its also smart on your part as im sure these are optimized through search, links to both your businesses can be found as well....."thought leadership" concept = one of the many new ways to sell.    You never know who may see this stuff.  

My addition to this convo is this..

Im more of a currator than creator BUT i think you should consider the 10:1 ratio rule (or the same concept)  For every 10 pieces of content you share, make sure 1 of them is created by YOU.  As people start to trust your judgement on the awesome content you share, you can then sqeeze in your own, a call to action or the like in the middle of it all.  We can only create so much ourselves but when you use others content as added value to your personal brand, it seems to work.  

Enjoy your weekend!





I respect SalesVPI's viewpoint and agree with the other posts that this form of presenting information, or conversation, isn't for everyone. For me, as a proponent and moderator for the SalesChaosTV blogs, I like to sit back and listen (ala DustindeTorres) to Todd and Dan discuss -- sometimes debate -- these issues. I have more than enough pithy blogs, articles, ebooks and white papers to sift through daily but I don't often seem to come across dialogue like SalesChaosTV. They don't actually solve these issues (sorry, guys), but then do definitive solutions really exist?

The term "curator" is most commonly used online to aggrandize someone's aggregation of sources. Using this term tends to make the social media aggregator/marketer seem hyperbolic, so using this term actually risks one's reputation. Thematically tweeting is not curation. Thematic content creation in relation to an aggregation of internet sources without peer review or formal editing is not curation, but blogging or at best, journalism. Curatorial work is a profession requiring an advanced degree and usually a team. It is not a social media tactic.

A curator is someone who cares for and preserves a collection or archive; catalogs and researches it; exhibits and/or makes it accessible with the intention to educate or invite analysis, while creating new, highly structured, carefully considered informational content that serves to improve and deepen the culture to which it belongs.