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Wanelo: Pinterest's Younger, More Attractive Sister


Wanelo- Trending

Wanelo, (“wah-nee-lo,” from Want, Need, Love”) an e-commerce site seemingly similar to Pinterest, is changing the way consumers shop online. With over 10 million users, the site specifically encourages purchasing by solely displaying products that link directly to brand and store websites, rather than blogs or unrelated websites like the content on Pinterest. Wanelo displays a feed of the latest products from all the stores, and products your friends like. Upon sign up, the website immediately prompts new users to choose online stores they want to follow including brands like Nastygal, Toms, and Westelm. The site not only encourages purchasing by directly linking users to product pages, but it allows users to filter through products by price point. On top of that, Wanelo claims to be the only company that focuses 100% on shopping allowing users to browse what’s trending.

“An Online Community for all of the World’s Shopping”

How does Wanelo stack up with other seemingly similar user generated content sites like Fancy and Pinterest? Unlike Wanelo, sites like Fancy and Pinterest don’t focus on linking users directly back to store product pages. Although content on Fancy and Pinterest is also user generated, both sites focus on the creation of boards featuring a collection of “favorited” items and topics. Wanelo has a direct focus on actual online stores, rather than general topics like “Fitness” or “Travel Destinations” frequently found on Pinterest. Fancy is more of a distant, pretentious relative consisting of content directed towards buyers interested in more of a luxury lifestyle. By letting shoppers filter by price point, Wanelo has the potential to attract more qualified shoppers than Fancy and Pinterest by cutting out the middle man through product discovery.

Wanelo- 20Jeans

How Wanelo Benefits Retailers

Let’s take a step back and think about the advantages Wanelo offers to retailers trying to reach their customers. Wanelo is completely user generated. All products are posted by users, meaning that brand pages are assembled by actual consumers.  The site gives actual brands the opportunity to claim their pages as managers and track trending products among their customers. Stores are notified when new content is added and have the ability to keep track of trending products among shoppers.  Wanelo currently features products from over 200,000 stores giving brands the opportunity to not only further analyze their customer base, but assess which products are most popular among their shoppers. Due to the fact that Wanelo cuts out the middle man and only directs shoppers to up-to-date product pages, users are more likely to purchase increasing conversion and acquisition for your online store.

Wanelo Facts

  • Over 7 million products are saved 8 million times a day
  • Over 10 million users, up from 1 million in November 2012
  • Wanelo users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on the site
  • Products from over 200,000 stores, including major retailers to small independent shops

I would love to hear your thoughts! As a retailer, do you Want, Need or Love Wanelo?

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