What Agencies Should Look For in a Social Media Management Tool

Vishal Pindoriya Senior Marketing Analyst, Sendible

Posted on November 13th 2012

What Agencies Should Look For in a Social Media Management Tool

ImageWhile reading an excellent blog post by Chuck Hemann on A Buyer’s Guide to Social Media Management Software I thought it would be great to write a follow up post with a check-list of what an agency should look for in a Social Media Management tool .Social media is becoming increasingly important to brands and therefore even more important to the agencies that help shape, manage, promote and grow those brands.

As Chuck notes the way to manage social media for clients is constantly evolving as technology and innovation advances in social media. Agencies need to have a social media management tool in place that allows them to manage all their clients ever changing needs from one Dashboard.

10 things agencies must have in a social media management tool.

  1. Ability to plan and schedule posts to a large number of social networks. Don’t choose a tool that limits you to just posting run of the mill Facebook and Twitter messages. The tool should be able to support multiple formats such as Facebook notes, images, milestones, offers as well as a long list of other social networks.
  2. Ability to filter and respond to incoming posts for multiple clients on social media at once.  A large brand will get hundreds or thousands of incoming posts a week so the ability to filter out the irrelevant is extremely important. Your platform should also provide you with any available information on that person who has posted on your network.
  3. Ability to manage multiple clients efficiently from one dashboard. It should easy to toggle between clients from one log in. It should also be possible to share access with team members without needing to disclose passwords.
  4. Work flow approval. Once a post has been made on social media it’s out there and can be sent across the universe in seconds. So to ensure you are getting the right message across for your client your social media  management tool should have the ability to have clients approve social posts before they are published by the agency.
  5. Ability to re-brand, customize and/or white label the social media dashboard. If you are going to allow your clients log into the dashboard then it’s important that they are logging into your own branded dashboard. If they log into a 3rd party branded dashboard they might just think to themselves “why don’t we just used this tool ourselves and cut out the middle man”. If you are not going to give them access yourSMM tool should at least have the ability to replace the “via” tagline on social media updates for each client, creating more brand awareness for clients.
  6. Reliability – consistency and security in your SMM tool is extremely important.  As we all know sometimes minor outages cannot be avoided but you must be able to trust that your scheduled messages will go out in time and that your analytics are up to date.
  7. Highly customizable analytics and reporting – a key to agencies proving their worth to their clients is with their analytics. Your SMM tool should have in-depth analytics that also stores historical data. You need to be able to compare success month by month or even day by day. Also extremely important is to be able to customize and re-brand the reports with the analytics that are relevant to each clients.
  8. Mobile access. You should be able to manage all your clients social media on the go and therefore a Mobile app that supports any device is critical.
  9. 360 Degree Social Media monitoring.  You may be surprised to know that most tools (including Hootsuite) only track mentions on Twitter, but a SMM tool that your agency select must be able to support all social networks, blogs etc.
  10. Excellent Support. As agencies are always working to tight deadlines quick support is essential. Event better them quick support is live chat support which is invaluable if something goes wrong or advice is needed. Support also means customizing your dashboard and having the ability to add custom integrations via an API.


Vishal Pindoriya

Senior Marketing Analyst, Sendible

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Posted on November 13th 2012 at 9:29PM

Good comprehensive list of tools.There is really no effective tool for monitoring mentions on Facebook that I've found. Do you know of any?  Hootsuite and others will let you monitor activity on any Facebook page you admin and that is as far as you are going to get with any tool, as far as I know. 

Posted on November 14th 2012 at 11:42AM

Sendible provides an effective monitoring tool which allows you to set up keywords and mentions to pull information from the ‘social web’ these include sites like; Facebook Twitter,YouTube and many more.  It also assigns a sentiment to each post, so you can see at a glance if comments are positive or negative. Learn more here bit.ly/PTMCdW

Posted on November 14th 2012 at 1:31PM

I have a question that no one has really touched upon.  If using a social media managment tool- one to listen and post through, does this impact your ranking/rating/post level on these specific social media tools?  For example, I know that Facebook weighs posts through their own interface more than those posted througha  third party.  Any thoughts on this?  THANKS!


Posted on November 21st 2012 at 1:00PM

We found in our case Sendible helps companies organise and manage social media activity in an effective way. It allows users to post out to multiple account from one dashboard, work flow approval tools- enabling you to manage your reputation by assigning posts to team members and many other features. So I believe the benefits do outweigh the negatives with regards to third party posting applications. Check out this article which covered this topic: http://socialmediatoday.com/maggielmcg/352057/do-benefits-using-3rd-part...

Posted on January 31st 2014 at 7:38PM

With your top 10 checklist in mind, what Social Media Management tool do you recommened for a soon to be new marketing agency? What is the absolute best one for my company to manage client's social media accounts, how how many clients can you have per management tool?