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What Are Facebook Credits?

Have you wondered what are Facebook Credits? Facebook Credits are virtual currency that you can use to buy applications, games and so on. The purchases are done only on Facebook via logging in to your Personal Profile.

You can own these credits by purchasing them. This purchase can be made via your PayPal or credit cards. In short your Facebook Credits can be purchased via real currency which is transferred online.  

If you wish to know how much Facebook Credit you have or your balance, go to your 'Payments' Tab via your Account Settings. You can buy your Facebook Credits from this same tab of

Facebook Credits were first introduced in alpha stage during May 2009. After this,  in February 2010, the beta stage was brought in which lasted till January 2011.
Facebook Credits have grown in size and popularity.
In March 2011 a subsidiary was created to handle payments due to its large size. The subsidiary is called Facebook Payments, Inc. Currently there are approximately 150 developers who encourage use of Facebook Credits in more that 650 Facebook games and applications. This represents approximately 70% of virtual goods purchase on Facebook.

Do you use Facebook Credits? Share your experience here.

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  • Aug 14 Posted 5 years ago Ryan (not verified)

    Yes. I actually use Facebook credits on my incentives site. We work with advertisers to provide Facebook Credits in exchange for users doing various offers. It's a win/win really. We've been running our site for about 4 or 5 months. It was slow at first but it has picked up quite a bit of steam. Oh and don't you think your bio is a little overly focused on SEO? It makes it sound like you know how to write in order to game the search engine system. It shouldn't work like that. The best way to "win" in the search engine game is to provide the CORRECT answer to a specific query. The correct answer being the endpoint where user stops searching for that query.

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