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What Is a Brand C.A.T. Scan ?

This week, I was reflecting upon how our media/marketing industry processes, procedures  and executions need to evolve in the future, and inadvertently reinvented a popular medical anacronym, C.A.T. scan 

Now I'm not talking about an xray based on Computerized Axial Tomgraphy, or seeing how much your friendly feline costs at the cash, I'm talking about a different CAT scan.

In my definition of C.A.T. scan for brands and their partners, I believe that brands need to consider the following 3 key elements across numerous parts of their business:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

1. Creativity 

Brands and their partners need to show creativity in terms of their:

  • internal structure and procedures
  • ways of doing business
  • remuneration models
  • content creation 
  • success metrics
  • human resources - creating posts that didn't previously exist & finding talent in creative ways
  • internal and external training
  • promoting their company
  • mass collaboration

2. Agility

Brands and their partners need to show agility with regards to :

  • being able to react to opportunities quicker
  • their internal teams - smaller and faster to react, more like software companies
  • simplifying planning and execution of intiatives
  • creating content quickly, if necessary, based on current events or social media feedback

3. Technology

Brands and their partners need to adapt their technology :

  • at their point of sale - utility to the consumer is key
  • to improve their internal communication systems - benefit from the cloud
  • in their marketing/media initiatives, where appropriate - useful or entertaining to the consumer
  • automate certain processes, where appropriate
  • to help measure their initiatives in a holistic way

So before you think 2013 is already planned, go out and do a C.A.T. scan on your brand !




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