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What Content Marketing and First Dates Have In Common [SLIDESHARE]

Ok. So you’ve figured out how to get people to visit your content. Now, how do you make sure that they come back and are on the road to being loyal followers? You have a chance to make a great first impression and to really hook users with a great content experience.

The first time a user visits your blog is like a first date — you don’t want to talk their ear off and you want to be as charming as possible. Simply put: give the user what they need, in the most effective way possible, to make them come back for more. And be as witty or delightful as you can while doing it.

You can also think of content experience as the first impression that your audience will have of you. At the beginning everything can be magic. There are butterflies in your stomach and you feel as though the other person “gets you”. The reason for that magic can be a mystery, but there are definitely things you can do to start your relationship on the right foot. Take a look at the slides below created by Uberflip and if you’re lucky, maybe… just maybe, your user will ask you for another date.

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