What Is #FF? And More Answers to Common Twitter Questions

Natascha Thomson Owner/Partner, MarketingXLerator

Posted on October 22nd 2013

What Is #FF? And More Answers to Common Twitter Questions

As there are a number of questions I repeatedly get asked about Twitter, I have summarized the answers in this blog post.

1. What is #FF?

2. How do I monitor an event on Twitter?

3. How do I Tweet through LinkedIn?


1. #FF or Follow Friday

This is a weekly opportunity to say thank you and recommend other people on Twitter to follow. You simply use the hashtag #FF and then list the @handles of the people you suggest to follow. Personally, I think it is nice to add some verbiage in regards to why this particular Twitter handle is follow-worthy.

2. Monitoring an Event

To monitor an event, you first of all need to know the hashtag. Example: #SAPPHIRENOW, an event SAP puts on every year. Simply go to Twitter.com and enter the hashtag into the search box: #SAPPHIRENOW. You will see any Tweet that has used the hashtag.

To join the conversation, use the hashtag yourself. Of course, you cannot just follow and engage with people at events this way, but you can monitor any hashtag e.g. #innovation or #yoga. Try it by searching on the hashtag #FF.

 #FF, Monitoring3. How do I Tweet through LinkedIn?

The advantage of tweeting through LinkedIn is that you can post a status update to LinkedIn and Twitter at the same time. Simply connect your Twitter profile with your LinkedIn profile. Here is how:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Go to your account settings (by clicking on your name in the right hand upper corner of the page and choosing "Settings")
  • Find "Manage your Twitter Settings" and add (or remove) your account
  • If you like, choose "Display your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile".

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Now when you post a status update on LinkedIn, you can choose to Tweet it at the same time. This also works if you are reading an article that you'd like to Tweet. Instead of Tweeting it, you choose LinkedIn from the "Share This" list and take care of it in one instance.


Natascha Thomson

Owner/Partner, MarketingXLerator

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