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Tuesday, June 20th

What is the Future of Open Content

Richard Baraniuk is the Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University. He is also Director of Connexions, which is a not for profit publishing endeavor that leverages open content. This allows the subject matter to be available to anyone and at any given time.  Being an educator, Dr. Baraniuk is focusing on bringing high quality educational content to everybody; for free or at a very low cost, if in print.

Baraniuk is working on building global relationships with authors, educators and leaners so they can "create, rip, mix and burn" learning materials to a global open-access repository. He is creating a knowledge ecosystem that will empower anyone to take content and make of it what they want; to be translated into any language or to imbed any data which is updated in real time.

Now, there will be a need for quality control since anyone can contribute anything. There must be a peer review, a governance platform that enforces change control; after all open content stands to change the landscape of education and educational publishing.

Once you are done watching Dr. Baraniuk's presentation take a look at what MIT is doing with open content.

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