What is important today?

Posted on February 24th 2009

Social Media Today, an attempt to quantify the evolution metric of person versus person/product/company relationships will always center on the satisfaction of the person and the item.  Who needs to know where you are and what you are doing right now?  Why do people dive across the room to answer their cell phone, the transaction of a ringtone and overreaction?  What value is there in this information?  Too many questions, and too many answers.

Simplify the process of study of the process.  Reduce the quantity of data overload in situations. 

Start by turning a Negative into a Positive.  Use Hawaiian Aloha as part of your interaction with others.  Everything from there will be far more clear, since you will have reduced the friction of the interaction.  A smile in your voice, the tone of your voice, the welcome to my world attitude of Aloha should be employed.  (If you don't know what Aloha is, go visit Hawaii or check it out at Wikipedia.)  And the negative's will reduce thus lowering the quantity of data in your life.  Because a happy customer is a happy customer.  And sales to that customer will increase based on their positive experience.  So you can study and quantify the results until the cows come home, but unless you have a happy customer there will be no transaction to analyze.

Alex Schultze is an expert in social media and is striving to help you understand the world of social media today.  Me, I just want to see us get along better, the real core of social interaction in this difficult time we all share and must endure.

The one thing that sticks in my mind about social media study is that "statistics lie, and liars statistic".  Just like in politics...

Aloha is a path to increase customer satisfaction and brighten your day.  As far as social media is concerned, I would like to see you focus all your energy on improving the technique of education of your fellow man.  Because I believe that the root of social media use on the web today is to fine a job, and education is required...