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What Jennifer Lawrence Can Teach You About Marketing Strategies

Everyone is familiar with rising star Jennifer Lawrence, famous for her role as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games and her endearingly goofy antics at awards shows. The nature of acting requires actors and actresses to essentially market themselves in order to contribute to the success of the movies in which they are starring. So, what can we learn from Jennifer Lawrence about effective marketing strategies?

Be The Everyman

One of the most appealing things about Jennifer Lawrence is that she isn’t afraid to show her “normal person” side. She trips and falls while wearing a gorgeous dress at an awards show, and she’s not embarrassed—she plays up the humor value. She remarks on things like how hungry she is when she’s being interviewed, which isn’t something you hear a lot from polished Hollywood actresses whose first instinct is to appear as elegant and poised as possible. Nowadays, though, people really find it refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves—people can relate to an Everyman (or Everywoman, as the case may be) and don’t just see them as some beautiful, manufactured idol on the silver screen.

What this means as far as marketing is that you need to craft a voice and a brand that will make you relatable to your audience. Remind them you and your employees are just normal people trying to make it in this world—you have something they need in their life, and you can keep providing them that product or service if they support you by buying your products or services and funding your operation. Be funny, charming and real, and your customers will surely fall for you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small

Most everyone starts from somewhere small and local before they make it big. Some minor roles here and there are essential to gain experience before you make your grand entrance in the field, whether you are an actor, actress or other professional. Jennifer Lawrence started small with TV work and indie films, slowly working her way up to supporting roles, then lead roles in Oscar-winning dramas and box office hits made her a household name that everyone is talking about.

Start small with a local grassroots campaign that will build you some credibility with your local community, who will surely spread the word that there’s a new star in town. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it big right away. People need some time to get to know you before they begin to see just how valuable your company could be among the other companies they support. Soon you will gain yourself a valuable reputation and your name will be spread far and wide.

Carefully Plan Your Presence

Any good actor or actress knows that when you’re trying to “make it big,” or even once you’ve gotten there, you don’t want to pop up everywhere and oversaturate the market. You pick your roles carefully and only choose the ones where your unique talents can really shine. Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, but she’s not about to start playing the gorgeous heartthrob in every film that will take her. She’s all about playing complex, brave female role models like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Agnes or Ree Dolly, other roles she played (in The Poker House and Winter’s Bone, respectively), young women who deal with serious issues like abuse and mental illness.

What this means for marketing is that you shouldn’t be afraid to dig deep and reach customers on sensitive topics they may be afraid to broach themselves. Sure, you could promise beauty, wealth and popularity, but people want and need more than that in order to lead happy, fulfilling lives. They need a company who will promise to give insight on and solutions to their deepest problems through thoughtfully designed products and services that those customers can trust. Connect with your customers on a meaningful level and they will reward you with their trust, loyalty and financial support.

Marketing Is a Performance

Actresses like Jennifer Lawrence know that the performance is everything. A good performance shows confidence, strength, and deep, genuine feelings that everyone wants to experience. Your company, like a professionally trained actor or actress, can give your customers the performance they are longing for if you just put your best assets forward, promise to give customers what they need, and make sure they know you are just one of them so they can trust you with their most important secrets. Give a great performance and the applause you earn will bring you pride and success.

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