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What's Your Social Media Signature?

Are you Lady Gaga? Are you Anderson Cooper? If not, and you’re a first time author like me, your chances of getting published by a major publisher are about the same as being hit by lightning on the same day as winning Power Ball.

So what do you do if you have the next big idea?

ImageInvoke the power of social media with a memorable social signature.

But . . . there’s a catch. It’s not easy and requires you to hone three fundamental skills in order to maximize the influence it can net you. 

#1: Be a connector! When you conceive an idea, the first call to action is to connect people that share the same passion. For me, I leverage Twitter, especially Tweet Chats to connect people in my following to others. Hence, it's imperative that most of your content do three things: Inform. Help. Inspire. Relentless self-promotion is a surefire way of being snubbed. Like all customer-oriented content, it's about them, not you.

By finding good, relevant content, you might help a person solve a business problem or improve the quality of their life. And…people don’t forget that. The key is to treat every social media message like a conversation at dinner. If all we do is blab about ourselves, we don’t get a second date! You build a following by offering information that people want. Information that helps them, not you. I also feel strongly that an element of personal exchange is crucial. We can show we care by the context of our messages.

#2:  Engage! There’s a great book by Simon Sinek called, Start With Why. In this excellent book on engagement, Sinek talks about the fact in our new economy, the thrust is about leveraging our network to bolster others. That is, linking shoulder to shoulder with people in pursuit of the same goal as ourselves. When you do this, it brings loyalty to your platform. That is, people will more quickly recognize your social signature as one of—diplomacy and community. 

#3: Be Authentic. Don’t try to sell yourself, and avoid the use of buzzwords. Second, refrain from jargon or common clichés. Be original and people will remember you!  Insincerity comes across on our social media platforms. In fact, the human brain does a remarkable job of decoding our true intentions. Hence, be true to your mission at hand, and your social signature.

In short, a social signature is the writing of your activity on the social media community. It embodies the tenets of empathy, professionalism, courtesy, community support, and global outreach. This explains why people that parlay the importance of others beget the most followers and connections.

Likewise, your social signature can connect you to people you never deemed possible. This was not plausible years ago before social media. For example, I've communicated directly with individuals that are untouchable through conventional means. By establishing an inviting social signature, you will build rapport with anyone, and this includes celebrities, heads of state, and other dignitaries. Not that these people are more important than anyone else, but doors can be opened due to their connections. It's that simple.

By consistently reaching across cultures and time zones, you can establish a network that defies gravity. And this is something a bean counter cannot tabulate, but a seed planter can.

The unbridled truth? Whether your book, product, or service will become a medal winner, stagnate, or fail, depends partially on your ability to craft a social signature that stands apart from the crowd.

So…ask yourself this question: What comprises my social media signature? 

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  • Larry Capra aka zenabowli's picture
    Jan 30 Posted 5 years ago Larry Capra aka...

    I like the article. I furthers the idea that personal interaction is key.

    But... I couldn't help thinking.  If I won the powerball... I'd surly be struck by lightning. TIC (tongue in cheek).

  • Jan 26 Posted 5 years ago MarketingGirlSF

    Great tips! I especially like what you said about building "a following by offering information that people want. Information that helps them, not you.". Sometimes I find that brands or people only share information about them in a self promotional way. The types of connections I would want to make online are those that I can learn something from - those that create value for me as a follower. I am more apt to follow those who educate, entertain and engage. 

  • Garious's picture
    Jan 26 Posted 5 years ago Garious

    Thanks John - your question gave me a lot to think about:  "What comprises my social media signature?"  It's like asking us how to innovate... innovation, and your advice here makes perfect sense.  I particularly love those tweet chats where you get to interact real-time for an hour with like-minded folks in the same niche, and you get plenty of food for thoughts as well ( for free ).  I guess, authenticity and context rule these days.. not just content.

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