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When Logo Design Meets Social Media Marketing

Social media is a term that is tossed up more frequently than any other word in today's digital era. Apart from providing a huge platform to communicate, expressing views and sharing, it also gives an immense opportunity to make people aware of your business and expand it as well. There are many strategies that people are using to market their business in social media. From amazing web designs to informative content, everyone is using each strategy to attract more people and to reach the farthest corners. As much as it is important to let your potential consumer know about your business, it is also important to make your presentation more visually appealing. This ensures that the person, who is browsing, just cannot ignore your brand. And for creating that initial magnetism in your consumers, you need an amazingly designed logo.

How a Logo Design Affects Social Media Marketing

Before we start discussing how to design an appealing logo for your viewers and consumers, let's discuss what impact it has in social media marketing.

  • Have you ever shared a blog or a post with an attractive logo? If you have, then you must be knowing the game. Your web page or blog post will become more sharable if you adorn it with an attractive logo. As visually appealing pictures attract everyone, it is more likely that your friends and followers will take notice and share.
  • A professional looking logo affects the perception of the viewer. You may operate your business from your living room or some warehouse, but if you create a professional looking logo, then it will make people think that you are utmost professional. May be you are running a venture of two people, but your logo will make people think that they are dealing with a big business house. And that will surely leave an impact on the minds of your potential consumers. It will show that you are trustworthy too. Since a company is putting so much thought in designing a logo, then it is obvious that they will ensure the same amount of trust in terms of business.
  • You are in social media to communicate. You need to tell your story to your customers. Logo can be an extremely useful tool in telling your story to your customers. The design, font, color scheme and other features can convey your story effectively.
  • It will make you stand out in the crowd of your competitors. Your visually appealing logo will make you come upfront in the competition. Not only that; when it starts appearing in different platforms, it will make your business more recognizable.
  • The point is to attract. It will serve that purpose. It will attract and keep your consumer happy.

Now, as you know why it is necessary to design a logo, let's discuss what you need to keep in mind while doing it for your website, web page, or bog post.

Tips for Designing a Logo

  • Keep the aspect ratio in mind. Don't design your logo too short or too wide. Maintain the harmony of height and width. Social media sites will put your logo into icons or thumbnails. So, they want it in a simple geometrical shape.
  • Make sure that the letters and the graphics are not intertwined tightly, because then it won't be helpful for your followers to see what your business has to offer.
  • The mantra for designing your logo is to keep the design simple. If your logo and its color scheme are too noisy, then it is likely to get lost in the ever busy world of social media. So, it will be profitable if it remains simple.
  • As you are keeping it simple, you need to concentrate to keep it consistent as well. If your friends and followers find the same logo in different social media platforms, then it is more likely that it will leave a long lasting impression in people's mind. So, use this technique. If your company logo is the same in Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, though resized, it will still speak out for your consistency.
  • A clearer logo makes more impact. Have you ever liked those logos that not only state their names but the whole story behind the brand, since its inception? I know, the answer is: never. We like things as tidy as possible. If you are thinking about crowding your logo with the story, the services then hold on. The moment people will find your logo good, they will eventually end up browsing your website or page. So, keep it that way. A simple design, just with the name or the abbreviation, is enough to make an impact.

You may find that different techniques will work for different social media platforms. But the bottom line is to keep it clean and simple; use reasonable color and design, and you are ready to go.

Image Courtesy: geniotechnologies.com

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