Where Are Your Happy Fans?

Posted on January 11th 2013

Where Are Your Happy Fans?


Community Managers constantly want to improve their page sentiment, but they have to look through a variety of factors first. 

Does time of day play in sentiment? Does the topic of the post come into play? When is net sentiment highest? What about just positive sentiment? Should posting be concentrated on one platform over another?

Having such an extensive list with these questions in mind, our goal is to build analysis that gives Community Managers and Brand Managers an indication of when their fans are most likely to engage positively.


Socialtyze analyzed 15 total brands across the restaurant, film, and CPG verticals. These brands were selected based on similarities in fan size and posting frequency.

Our final sample included 2,500 total posts. These were then hand-categorized for positive, negative, and neutral sentiment.

After categorizations, the posts were then sorted by sentiment changes by:

- Topic

- Time of Day & Day of Week

- Platform (Facebook or Twitter)

From here, we noted how certain variables trend by each vertical. Below we outline the above variables with the corresponding verticals.

Topic Selected

Restaurant Brand Page:

  • Fans were most likely to say “want to go” during the 3 – 4 PM time frame.
  • Fans were most likely to share coupon and deal content between the hours of 12 and 1 PM.
  • 21% of all check-ins came between 7 and 9 PM.

 Movie Brand Page:

  • A majority of posts with news, interviews, and trailer content were posted between 2 and 4 PM.
    • Engagement levels for these posts were highest on Sunday and Monday.
    • “Want to see” posts volume spiked on Saturdays; this number is 49% higher than the average.

 CPG Brand Page:

  • Fans expressed how and why they use your products starting at 5PM.
    • 44% of all posts mentioned why the product was useful, why they would want to use the product, and how it would be helpful at that given moment.
    • Mentions of “want to buy” were most commonly used between 5 and 8 PM.

Time of Day & Day of Week

Restaurant Brand Page:

  • 21% of all check-ins come between 7 and 9 PM.
  • Users were most likely to express “love” your brand between 6 and 9 PM on Saturdays and were 56% more likely to post on Saturday than on any other day of the week.

 Movie Brand Page:

  • Fan post volume increased until a spike between 7 and 8 PM.
    • Net sentiment spiked between the hours of 9 and 10 PM.
    • Negative sentiment was also highest between these hours.
    • Positive sentiment peaked on the weekends, particularly on Saturday.
      • Users were most likely to “love” your movie between 8 and 9 PM.

 CPG Brand Page:

  • People who followed CPGS were most likely to post from 5 PM to 8 PM.
    • 29% of all mentions fall into that time frame.
    • Weekend positive net sentiment 
      peaked at 58%.



Restaurant Brand Page:

  • Closely monitor Twitter. Users were 1.5 times more likely to talk positively about restaurants on Twitter than on Facebook.

Movie Brand Page:

  • Movie pages featured nearly an even net sentiment split between Facebook and Twitter.

CPG Brand Page:

  • Users were three times more likely to post positive comments about CPGs on Facebook than on Twitter.


The Bottom Line: Our 3 Verticals


  • If people want to talk about your restaurant, they will say they “want to go;” 16% of all restaurant mentions included that phrase. These fans say this throughout the week, particularly between 3 and 4 PM, and their affinity for your restaurant does not wane as the day passes – check-ins dominate later at night.

Recommendations: Post coupons midday, monitor check-ins at 8 PM, and take advantage of Saturday’s high positive sentiment.


  • People are most likely to say how effective CPGs are at fixing problems, and they love them for that. Capture their attention between the 5 – 8 PM hours. Facebook is a cleaner platform to push content to your fans, where net sentiment is nearly 40% higher.

Recommendations: Post frequently on Facebook. Ask questions at 5PM on weeknights. Use calls to actions to post recipes or utility content to simultaneously boost “love” mentions.


  • These movie-goers stay up late – make sure you capture the highest positive sentiment between the 9 and 10 PM hours. They also love references to specific movie lines.

Recommendations: Saturdays have the highest net sentiment. Post movie references, quotes, and interviews at 3 PM throughout the week to build up that sentiment. Star power is huge – 26% of the posts on movie pages underlined the cast member interviews and news. Opinions run rampant between 9 and 10 PM; both positive and negative sentiment spike between those hours. Monitor feedback to ensure posting strategy does not foster negative sentiment.

General Trends

When considering all three verticals, posting volume collectively increases as the day progresses, with a peak in positive sentiment at 7 PM.


In Sum

Help create a relevant posting strategy by identifying what your audience talks about, when they are likely to engage, and which platform they post on. Supplemented with the capability to capture positive sentiment, Socialtyze hopes to help pages reach fans that engage positively.



Chris Chen

Analyst, Socialtyze

As a sucker for all things number-related, Christopher Chen has spent the last year mining data for Socialtyze, a full-service social marketing and technology company.

Founded in 2007, Socialtyze's services include: social advertising, social community management and application development. In late 2012, we launched Qu – a social media measurement tool that provides rich data about your fan base, allowing you to understand your most influential fans, re-target them with relevant content, and ultimately, create a smarter ongoing social strategy. It also includes a social media publishing tool and social advertising dashboard to make your social media management that much more efficient and effective.

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