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Where In The World Is B2B Social Media ROI?

Is this a familiar scene? Are you spending a lot of time talking about B2B social media and content marketing, only not acting because you can’t find ROI?

If you are looking for the perfect case study to show up or the exact B2B Social Media ROI formula to use to convince you to get started, quit now. By the time it does (if ever), it will be too late. Way too late.  Now is not the time to be a late adopter.

Start small. Pick a goal and go. But please just get started. As one thing is 100% certain – you will never determine the return on an investment NOT MADE (or by talking).

Just start.

Thanks to Joe Chernov and Eloqua for having me as a guest contributor to the Eloqua Cartoon Collaborative. It was fun. Truth be told, the original idea for this comic was inspired by the inaugural comic by Valeria Maltoni,  “Do You Suppose They Have an App for Strategy?

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  • Steve Peck's picture
    Sep 7 Posted 5 years ago Steve Peck

    Jeremy, Thanks for a succinct assessment of where B2B is in relation to SM.  @Joan: Your comment adds the icing to the cake. When dealing with B2b clients, the hardest question I face is when they ask for the ROI.  Apparently, "Because I KNOW you need to be there" isn't enough. :)  

  • Sep 7 Posted 5 years ago @eyelona (not verified)

    Great post.  B2B social media is about making money, so we've got to quantify it.  There's a whole chapter int his book dedictaed to just that.  Good read. Let me know if you agree/ disagree - I contributed.

  • Sep 13 Posted 6 years ago bp (not verified)

    Very well put Jeremy!

    The "Show me the money" school of thought should never come before the" Tell me who you are & what can I do for you!" attitude.

    Thanks for that,



  • Sep 10 Posted 6 years ago MikeFeravolo

    Good Article, Social Media marketing is a long term strategy and people need to understand they are not going to be able to see a return in the short term.  It takes effort to build an effective business network both in real life and on the Internet. You don't want to wait and see your competitors build theirs before you.

  • Sep 10 Posted 6 years ago Joan Curtis (not verified)

    Hi Jeremy,

    This is great!  Thank you for a simple way to advise the B2B world that waiting is not going to work as far as social media is concerned.  In our book, The New Handshake, we interviewed about 7 B2B firms that are using social media.  One of them, Dale Underwood at, had his own ROI measurement.  The others recognize that they must move forward if they are going to get ahead of the game. 

    Recently I've been reading all the ROI posts about social media and I've learned two important things:  1) Those who are most adament about ROI metrics are the ones who know the least about social media and 2) B2B companies are the slowest to gain traction with social media.  The B2C companies are charging forward with great gusto.

    Again, thanks for the simple message!



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