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Which Pinterest Analytics Tool Is Best?

Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any other site and shows no signs of slowing down. Of course, great content is critical to have a successful presence on Pinterest. We’ve already talked about moms' favorite pins, but brands need to know if what they’re pinning is content that moms love to share over and over. There are many analytics tools that measure Pinterest activity, but which one is best? Here are the pros and cons of three free analytics tools that will help your brand decide which one works best for you.  

1) Pinterest Web Analytics: Track Your Site’s Content

In early March, Pinterest finally launched its own web analytics tool. Site metrics offered by Pinterest’s analytics include the following daily measures:

  • Number of pins, pinners, and repins from your website
  • Impressions and reach
  • Amount of clicks and visitors to your website from Pinterest
  • How many people repinned your pins

You can customize the date range for the above data and export results to a CSV. Another great feature is the ability to see the most repinned and most clicked pins from your site. This helps you to understand what content is most engaging to your visitors. Pinterest also shows you all content that has been pinned from your (or any) site at

2) Repinly: Understand What’s Popular

Repinly is a great tool for brands that are unsure about what kinds of pins go viral. You can view the most popular pins, boards, and pinners and each option can be sorted by category and the number of followers, boards, and pins. You are also able to create search columns that either show the most popular recent pins in a category or the most recent pins tagged with your search criteria. For Pinterest beginners, this is a great way to discover which content your followers love. Understand what content moms react to and you will gain more followers, build consumer trust, and generate more referrals to your site.

pinterest analytics tool

3) Pingraphy: Schedule Content, Save Time

Pinterest engagementPingraphy’s main attraction is the ability to schedule pins including the specific board, the time, and multiple pins at once. Moms are quickly turned off when they feel that a brand is too self-promoting on Pinterest so use Pingraphy’s scheduling tool for content from your own site and ensure that you are spacing out your branded content appropriately.


However, Pingraphy offers limited analytical information. You can only view your 20 most recent pins with the number of repins, likes, and comments. The total number of your account’s pins, repins, likes, and comments are available in addition to your top 10 pins of all time (which is a neat metric). You can list your boards alphabetically or according to number of pins, repins, likes, or comments but unfortunately you cannot sort boards by number of followers, which is a key metric for many brands.

Which Tool Should You Use?

The choice of which site(s) to use depends on which services or insights you need. If you are unsure about the type of content your audience will love and what will go viral, use Repinly. Pingraphy is the best choice if you find that pinning content takes up too much of your time—utilize its scheduling tool to be more efficient. 

If you want to understand how and who typically shares your content, rely on Pinterest Web Analytics. It’s also worth noting that many people expect Pinterest to continue to expand this tool, possibly adding details like demographics, board analysis, or mobile usage. Measure your success on Pinterest and gain insight as to how moms feel about your products and content.

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  • JillyBadanes's picture
    Nov 16 Posted 1 year ago JillyBadanes

    Hi Katie - Thanks so much for writing about Pingraphy in the past. We're now called Viraltag and have added some great features for visual content marketing. We're also happy to tell you Viraltag is now running on Pinterest's API. With the new data we're building more functionality to make Viraltag an even more powerful platform for our users. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly -- Jilly Badanes, Director of Marketing @ Viraltag.

  • Jun 23 Posted 3 years ago pingraphyhelp

    Hello Kate,

    Thanks for your post on We have added couple of new features and is coming out with new analytics. Please check out our multiple accounts management feature for those who manag multiple accounts for different clients.


    PinGraphy supoort


  • Katie Petrillo's picture
    Apr 22 Posted 4 years ago Katie Petrillo

    Awesome, thanks for sharing Alex. So many tools, so little time!

  • Apr 19 Posted 4 years ago atopiler

    Thanks for mentioned PinLeague, Paul!  I just wanted to note that our PinLeague Pinterest Analytics Dashboard is available for FREE to start, even though we do have paid tiers for higher level features.  


    Katie- if you haven't already, we'd love for you to try it out!  




    Head of Product, Co-founder

  • Apr 14 Posted 4 years ago thelondoneer

    Do you know what the new Pinterest analytics reveal for me? That Pinterest is worthless for driving traffic...

    I pin religiously whenever I update my site, and although my original photograpy gets repinned regularly and has great 'reach' (i.e. the number of people who see them popping up on their homepage) exactly two (2) visitors arrived at my site from Pinterest in the last two weeks... 

    I understand that it's great for driving traffic for retailers who have very visual products, but for the rest of us? Not so much...

  • Katie Petrillo's picture
    Apr 8 Posted 4 years ago Katie Petrillo

    I noticed that, but glad it's coming back today. And thanks for mentioning these other tools, too. We'll check them out. So many, it's hard to know which one is best for your own needs. 

  • Apr 6 Posted 4 years ago PinAlerts

    @Katie: Thanks for your article. Pingraphy has been down for the last few weeks due to the recent changes Pinterest made. On Pingraphy's facebook page the founder states: "We are Happy to announce that Pingraphy will be live again starting April 7th. We had trouble managing the service in the past but we were able to raise funds from friends and family to keep it going. Although our goal is to have a free plan in addition to the paid plans, we might not get there until sometime or until we raise additional funds."

    So, Pingraphy is removing their free option for a time. You might also want to look at Curalate, which most of the big brands on Pinterest use. There is also PinLeague, who focuses on small businesses, and claims to be the biggest 3rd party analytics tool.  

    Both of these are paid tools. One free Pinterest marketing tool, though not an analytics tool yet, is We've been working on several features that should help track pins better. 

    Anyway, thanks again for your article. Happy Pinning! ~Paul


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