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Which Social Network Is the Best for Brand Engagement?

ImageIf you looked at the title of this article and immediately thought of Facebook or Twitter, you are mistaken! Instagram is the grand champion of brand engagement based on a recent study done by L2 Think Tank. You might be a little skeptical considering that the 150 million monthly users that Instagram boasts are itty bitty compared to Facebook and Twitter. However, a study on posts by 249 top brands showed that interaction rates were 15x higher than Facebook. In fact, interaction rates for Instagram were much higher than Twitter and Google+ as well.  

This Is particularly exciting for brands that understand that the social experience is much more than simply how the the bottom line gets effected. Ideally, the more time you can get a potential customer to spend with your brand, the more likely they will choose you when they need your product/service. This finding doesn’t mean you should abandon Facebook. According to this study, almost 9 out of 10 brands polled said that they have both an Instagram and Facebook account which makes perfect sense. Why only limit yourself to one or the other when you can install and Instagram tab into your Facebook page and get more bang for your buck?

While we are on the topic of Instagram, I have a few basic tips I’d like to share.

  • Don’t use the same filter over and over. Mix things up and try to create a set of diverse images.
  • Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag! Hashtags are the keys to engagement and account growth. Use what makes sense.
  • If you are going to have an account, be prepared to actively manage it. If you want to get noticed, you have to be in it to win it!
  • Don’t be shy when it comes to following people. Sometimes to get love, you have to give love.

So what do you think about this study? Sound off in the comment section!


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  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Mar 7 Posted 1 year ago Nate Mendenhall

    There should be a link to the study in the article, however they never disclosed a list of the brands polled. I think the age demo might be a factor, but also with the proper hashtagging one can get a lot of engagement on Instagram. Interesting either way!

  • Nate Mendenhall's picture
    Mar 7 Posted 1 year ago Nate Mendenhall

    Thanks Brian!

  • Mar 7 Posted 1 year ago Feffe Kaufmann

    Thanks for a suprising article!

    In a way I would have guessed it but in a way not. Not without knowing what type of brands you're talking about considering the 249 ones you mentioned in the article. Is there a link to that study?  

    I would guess that most of the brands of that study target a younger crowd. In Sweden I noticed all around in the public transportations that people in general start with opening Instagram then move on to Facebook no matter what age. Do you experience the same? 

    Have a great weekend! 

  • Brian Hughes's picture
    Mar 7 Posted 1 year ago Brian Hughes

    Good article Nathan! I wasn't thinking Instagram. Thanks for the helpful info.

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