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Why 2012 Still Belongs To Instagram (INFOGRAPHIC)

Instagram’s December 17 announcement regarding its revised terms of service prompted what was undoubtedly the biggest app user revolt in social media history. Instagram addicts began uploading blank photos through the app, using boycott hashtags on Twitter– even deleting their IG accounts en masse.

I was a little more introspective about the whole thing.

I continue to view last week’s event as just a Qwikster blip on Instagram’s trajectory — a “What Were You Thinking?” misstep that will bring the company some bad press, but won’t tarnish all the strides it has made over the past year.

Over the years, we’ve seen networks struggle to balance its business model with the expectations of its users who expect great things at no cost. It wasn’t too long ago that Pinterest’s TOS stated that it had the power to sell users’ photos. And that site didn’t have the pressure of proving ROI for a $1 billion investment as Instagram now does.

Even Facebook, the sugar daddy who plunked down the cool bill for Instagram, is still teetering between pleasing shareholders’ and users’ expectations. Just last week, Facebook announced its intent to offer users the ability to send private messages to non-friends for a $1 per message. How long do you think that feature will last?

So take a look at Instagram’s achievements of 2012.  Marvel in all that it has accomplished in just twelve months. And hope that the company prospers in 2013 in a way that jibes well with its 100 million users.

2012 The Year of Instagram Infographic

Are you with me? Do you think last week’s attempt to monetize was a Qwikster moment — or something more deleterious to the future of Instagram?

Headline Photo Credit: Flickr CC/The U.S. Army


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  • Dec 30 Posted 4 years ago Incion

    Thank you Lisa

  • kalnerwilliams's picture
    Dec 30 Posted 4 years ago kalnerwilliams


    That is a great question -- I wrote about the differences of marketing with Instagram v. Pinterest. Hopefully that will give you some insight as to whether it's something to include in your marketing mix.

    Best of luck!




  • Dec 29 Posted 4 years ago Incion


    Awesome Article. We ventured into Social Media marketing to help our customers and increase our reach. We have launched FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ campaigns. Just wondering since we have strong Pinterest campaing going on is it worth it to start Instagram campaing for our business. Any thoughts? Please advise..


  • kalnerwilliams's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 4 years ago kalnerwilliams

    Sounds like we're thinking along similar lines, Thibaut! Thanks for the feedback and feel free to share that infographic.

  • ThibautDavoult's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 4 years ago ThibautDavoult

    As I've already written on an article in Social Media Today, I strongly believe that Instagram 1. didn't try to trick its users, 2. isn't going to lose users after last week's events. They obviously didn't word the changes in the Terms of Use in a clear enough manner, and users reacted strongly to it, overreacted even. Because as some pointed out, nothing really effectively changed between the old tos and the new suggested ones. But hey, Instagram is going to rework them anyways to fulfill its users compaints, so it won't be a big deal then.

    Nice article and infographic, I'm going to pass it along.

    Disclosure: I work at nitrogram

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