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Why Consumers Produce User Generated Content


Getting your customers to produce user generated video and photo - easier said than done, right? How exactly are you going to convince your fans that it's worth their while to share their content with you? And what is it that makes them want to do this, anyway? Sure, a nice prize vacation or lump cash sum can help to incentivize, but it actually goes much deeper than that.

So Why Do Consumers Produce UGC?

Shared Values and Goals

An October 2013 study by Edelman revealed that 92% of consumers want to do business with, and interact with companies that share their beliefs. Nearly half of those surveyed felt businesses should do more to show they not only share, but also support and encourage their consumers beliefs.

So what does this mean for you? It means that brand consumer interactions are a two-way street, and before you ask those fans to share, you should probably make sure you understand what makes them tick. What is it about your brand that they like so much? How do you fit into their existing values and beliefs? And with those things in mind, how do you build a user generated content campaign that serves not just you, but your consumers and what's important to them.

Being Listened To

This seems so obvious, but it's so often overlooked. Four in ten respondents to the Edelman study desired for brands to be more thoughtful and purposeful in listening to and responding to customers. This was double the number of people who said they desired more content from the brand.

A June 2013 study by IPG Mediabrands and Microsoft found that 59% of consumers are happy to share with a brand in exchange for some sort of reward. And nearly 40% of consumers are looking for brands to capitalize on their interactions in order to provide more unique and tailored shopping experiences.

What does this mean? The message is simple, really. Less talking, more listening. Really listening, you guys. When you're lucky enough to have your customers willingly sharing their stories with you, you'd be crazy to not make them feel special and reward them for doing so.

Building an effective UGC campaign is much more than the platform. Truly understanding your customers and their motivations to share is key to designing an experience that will delight your fans and impress your boss

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