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Why Do We Tweet on Facebook? Crossing the Streams of Social Media

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It's a universally acknowledged hypothesis that we tweet to make up for our lack of identity, while Facebook exists to satisfy our need for belonging and self-representation. Why we are tempted to fuse these entirely different streams of consciousness, even in the face of total protonic reversal of the benefits of separation?

Facebook Timeline organizes our spontaneous ramblings into a colorful canvas of our web personality, thus bulk of the content we have dared to generate or share is available for public scrutiny. Majority of the activities we used to engage in the privacy of distinct spheres of interaction – scouring videos, music, books,  photos, and articles – have gained an additional pan-social dimension accompanied by a peculiar audience of Facebook friends. In this light, integration complements our Facebook persona and serves to validate our attention-craving egos.

As norms and practices of social media vehicles vary, integration presents fascinating challenges. Official Twitter solution for Facebook treats tweets as status updates, and attempts to bypass the possible confusion caused by @s and retweets by omitting them. This way Twitter feed is directly interwoven within idiosyncratic fabric of Facebook, blurring the line between the two sources of self-expression, and providing a convenient method of increasing reach for witty remarks and offhand observations. Moreover, there are a number of apps that allow users to filter (Selective tweets) or optimize the stream with a Twitter client (e.g.: TweetDeck)

Tumblr, Pinterest, Foursquare and a growing number of pioneers attest that Open graph platform offers new possibilities for calibrating the story our Facebook profile tells. In the same vein, an unofficial app, Twittus, provides a designated box for all Twitter activity on timeline. The app morphs the chaotic tweets into a solid comprehensive voice, focusing the scattered ruins of Twitter from all over the Facebook timeline. Additionally, it creates a log of Twitter activity that can be browsed according to the time tweets were published. While new tweets still show up in the live ticker, Twittus reinstates the schism and effectively caters for the motivation of belonging and self-assertion.


Evidently, there is a deep evolutionary force driving our tweets into the Facebook realm, molding rogue pieces of our web identities into a singular vessel of representation. If there is something strange on your Facebook timeline, who ya gonna tweet to?

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  • Apr 25 Posted 5 years ago adjjustabeds

    @Brendan Delaney I was thinking the same thing!  Anyway, I checked out the program and it does seem logically.  My only question, though: How does this impact the way your Tweets are blasted out on to the News Feed of your friends?  That is by far the most annoying part of the Twitter/ Facebook crossover (my opinion).  Does anyone have experience with this / have an answer?

  • Apr 24 Posted 5 years ago Brendan Delaney

    A "universally acknowledged hypothesis"?  What an awkward way to make a theory sound important.

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